Kouyou | Wellgosh Autumn Winter ’22 Lookbook

For the first of many seasonal look books to come, we’ve created a collection of mixed-brand outfits from some of the best streetwear brands around the world, showcasing a range of different looks from the everyday to formal, including bolder outfits for those that aim to make a lasting impression. This look book takes its name from a unique Japanese word used to describe the changing colour of the leaves, marking the change from Autumn to Winter. If something catches your eye, there’s a link at the bottom of this post to shop all the pieces included in the Kouyou look book.

This image shows a cross section of outfits used for the Autumn Winter Lookbook 22

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

Outfit 6

Outfit 7

Outfit 8

Outfit 9

Outfit 10

Outfit 11

Outfit 12

Outfit 13

Outfit 14

Outfit 15

Outfit 16

We hope you’ve enjoyed the look book, click here to shop every piece in the collection.

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Wellgosh Wears | Grunge, Hip-Hop & Brit Pop: Pleasures AW22 Has Arrived

Pleasures have returned with some strong pieces for winter, drawing inspiration from workwear and heritage pieces with a tongue-in-cheek twist that we’ve come to love. Expect Y2K nostalgia, homages to Stone Roses and iconic rapper Big L, grunge knits, skulls and gothic typography. Here’s a few of our favourite pieces for some outfit inspiration.

Shop the full Pleasures range, available here at Wellgosh

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80s vs 00s: Re-introducing The Campus By adidas Originals | Wellgosh

Adidas have had an amazing season of re-issued classics and heritage-inspired silhouettes from the re-popularisation of the Samba to the limited-edition collaborations including Gucci, Kerwin Frost, Balenciaga & more. One of the iconic styles that’s seen a plethora of iterations is the Campus, first issued in the 80s as a basketball trainer, adopted by underground subcultures and found on the feet of a ton of influential figures over the 40 plus years they have under their belt. We picked out two of our favourite takes on the Campus and put them head-to-head to see how a classic and a completely new take on the shoe fair up against each other.

Campus 80s

  • Iconic 80s basketball shoe
  • Adopted by the Hip-Hop movement of the 80s and 90s
  • Worn by the Beastie Boys, Skaters & Sports Casuals
  • Premium suede
  • Versatile
  • Streamlined profile
  • Flexible suede tongue
  • Embroidered branding
  • Slimline rubber outsole

Campus 00s

  • Chunky, padded silhouette
  • Wide laces
  • Inspired by skate trainers of the early 2000s
  • Work well with oversized and baggy trousers
  • Nu-Metal nostalgia
  • Skate-friendly
  • Premium Suede
  • Chunky rubber outsole
  • Crafted with recycled content
  • Off-white midsole for an aged look

The Verdict

Both the 80s and 00s Campus balance comfort, a unique style and an easy-to-wear versatility. The Campus 80s is at a slight advantage due to its streamlined silhouette, which works perfectly with slim and straight trousers, or for baggier bottoms. Unfortunately, due to the padded look of the Campus 00s, it is difficult to pair with a slimmer leg trouser without encroaching on some mid 2000’s Myspace nostalgia, but when worn with the right outfit can make a more impactful statement, not to mention the added durability of a chunkier build. Our verdict? For an all-purpose kick, go for the 80s, but if you’re as excited as we are to see oversized skate shoes making a comeback, you already know what to do.

Shop our full range of adidas Originals here, at Wellgosh.

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Joy & Connection: An Interview With Misha Hollenbach Of Perks And Mini

We were lucky enough to catch up with Misha Hollenbach, also known by his graffiti tag ‘Perks’ and one half of the clothing label P.A.M (Or Perks And Mini) at the launch event of their collaboration with sportswear legends PUMA. Here’s what he had to say.

How did you first meet your wife and co-founder of P.A.M, Shauna Toohey?

Okay, so, it’s a graffiti love story. I was in Australia because I had been living in America for a couple of years doing graphics for the company Fuct and then after an art show with Barry McGee, KAWS and Shepard Fairey, got busted writing my name, and cutting a long story short had to go back to Oz.

When I came to Australia I saw this cute graffiti around that said Mini and then I found out a bit later that it was a girl. Instant attraction! We went to do a piece together and I thought the spot was bigger than it actually was, there wasn’t much room so instead of doing a Perks and a Mini we wrote P.A.M. and it was really born from that evening. That night we fell in love. We went to Europe for our honeymoon and thought it cool to make and take some t-shirts together. Sarah from Colette, an influential store at the time in Paris that really brought streetwear, fashion, books and all these things together, wanted to put theses P.A.M. t-shirts in her store.

“It’s a graffiti love story…I guess Shauna and I are living that.”

Next stop, London where we met Russel and Sofia (now Aries) and their brand Silas and Maria. They saw the t-shirts and asked to stock their new store in Tokyo, so we inadvertently started a label without any intention. It was natural and it still is, we still don’t have any intent to make it a brand, it’s about a love story and an ongoing opportunity to make things together. It’s very romantic.

There’s a graffiti movie everyone should watch called Wild Style, with Lee and Lady Pink playing ‘Ray’ and ‘Rose’. It’s a graffiti love story, I guess Shauna and I’m living that, which is amazing for me.

It looks like you’re still very much active?

In true hip-hop terms: I “won’t stop, don’t stop (the body rock)”. I love it.

Australia is known for having a prestigious graffiti scene, with writers like Gooz, Break, Nost & Porke. When did you first start writing and what aspects of the culture piqued your interest?

When I first caught a commuter train, I say trackside graffiti, and was immediately blown away and hooked. I thought to myself as a small child “Wow somebody did that!” I knew I too wanted to do that. Then to seeing the movies Breakdance and Beat Street, loving the music, the dancing, and the fashion. This blew my mind, a pre internet kid from Melbourne, one of the most remote (especially from New York City) cities in the world. NYC hip-hop was the only thing I wanted to connect to. And cycling!

So you’re an avid cyclist yourself?

Yeah completely, I’m getting close to 10,000 kms this year. And that’s mostly off road!

You’re a big fan of adrenaline then?

Yeah, I’m drawn to energy and movement.

You’ve collaborated with some serious names in streetwear, including Nike, Undercover and Vans, how did the collaboration with Puma come about?

It came through these guys called Stryk that introduced us, we told Puma that we didn’t want to do a collaboration unless it was meaningful and they agreed, so this thing that we’re doing will unfurled into PAM/PUMA BIO/VERSE it’s an impact project supported by the product we make with Puma. We’ve got four seasons which get better and better, and progressively deeper.

What was it like working with Puma? Was it a 50/50 creative process or were you given free reign creatively?

We were given creative freedom, but with needs and obligations, so they become parameters for what we were thinking. Puma has been supportive and open and we have had great conversation. Because we are working together for four seasons, there is the idea it is a relationship, this is a project together.

The collection has succeeded in blurring the lines between outdoor functionality and street style, how did you go about balancing these elements during the design of these pieces?

We designed it during peak covid lockdown, so it was a bit of a projection of the idea of freely moving through nature. Covid presented this idea of a connection to nature because, in Australia anyway, we were locked down for three months where you were allowed out for one or two hours a day to exercise or get your groceries. The Nature in Australia is very vast and accessible, which was the only thing that humans had at that point, freedom only existed in that environment. This project was born out of our hope not to lose the connection to nature we had made during the lockdown/confinement.

I think we certainly noticed that being from Leicester. As one of the areas that had the highest Covid restrictions in the UK, the way a lot of people got through it was that one hour of exercise a day as a coping mechanism.

We had a 5km radius, which seemed ridiculous in the face of this never-ending outback surrounding us.

What made you choose the Rainforest Connection & Instituto Juruá as Deep Impact partners for the BIO/VERSE collection?

Theses partners have come through friends of ours, a company called DEEP who were responsible for building the impact project. We wanted to only collaborate with Puma if we could create something meaningful and impactful. It was through developing this PAM/PUMA BIO/VERSE that we managed to connect with the rainforest and actively participate in action that supports biodiversity. The PAM/PUMA product acts as the support to be able to make the impact project. It’s a lot deeper than the colorway of a shoe, the product also holds a much deeper message and story. We want to express PAM through the products too. For us products are a way to talk to people. Another great thing about this project, is being able to make things that are affordable and accessible, it’s not luxury brand pricing. We have specified sustainable materials and treatments, which is an area that Puma is very committed to.

What can we expect from the next instalment of the collab?

The next chapter of the PAM/PUMA BIO/VERSE will support another wild place on this planet. I’ll give you a clue, there are tigers there. There will also be a different activity in focus. This season it was hiking, next season it’s…

“This project was born out of our hope not to lose the connection to nature we had made during the lockdown/confinement.”

Which piece is your personal favourite from this release and which details are you drawn to?

I like this [the camouflage fleece]. Its functional, the last weeks I’ve been wearing it, the front pockets are amazing for all the items I need for travel: passport, phone, headphones, eye mask, etc. It looks cool. It feels great! We’ve put a lot of effort in to make a nice product, not just from a design perspective, but also for wearability and functionality. This jacket ticks all the right boxes. Oh, and there’s matching pants!

Do what you love. Spread ideas of love, of joy and connection

If your audience could take one message away from this collection, what would you want it to be?

Joy. Connection. Energy. We love the idea of connecting with the natural world: the jungle. But also the jungle of our minds and the idea of moving and mutating.

If you could give one piece of advice for independent and aspiring streetwear brands out there, what would it be?

Follow your dreams! And do what you love. Spread ideas of love, of joy and connection. Your brand can be your voice. Share your own passion and inspiration with others.

The Puma X P.A.M Bio/Verse collection is available now on Wellgosh, click here to see more.

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Wellgosh Wears | Arc’Teryx AW22 Collection

Over the past few years, it’s no secret that technical and outdoor clothing has become more and more prevalent in contemporary streetwear. At the head of this trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down is the Canadian mountaineering brand Arc’Teryx, founded in 1989 by local climbers taking the now iconic “dead bird” logo from the prehistoric bird it also shares its namesake with, the Archaeopteryx lithographica.

Kai (left) wears the Bird Trucker Curved Cap, the Atom Hoodie LT, the Captive Split T-shirt & the Gamma LT Pant
Tang (right) wears the Arcyda Toque Beanie, the Beta LT Jacket, the Captive Split T-Shirt, the Gamma LT Pant & the Norvan LD3 GTX Shoes

Arc’Teryx creates apparel and accessories with the ethos of “simple solutions to complex challenges”, ensuring as little distraction as possible from the wearer to fully immerse themselves in the moment of doing, no matter how harsh the weather. With equal measures of art and science, the result is reliable and effective outdoor garments with a unique, sleek style that has seen the brand push far beyond the parameters of the climbing world and into the wardrobes of high-end fashionistas, musicians and cultural icons as a go-to for outerwear, layering and accessories. For this shoot, we took some of our favourite pieces out to the environment that best suits them, the great outdoors.

Tang (left in left picture, right in right picture) wears the Bird Trucker Curved Cap, the Beta LT Jacket, the Captive Split T-Shirt, the Gamma LT Pants & the Norvan LD 3 GTX Shoes
Kai (right in left picture, left in right picture) wears the Beta LT Jacket, the Captive Long Sleeve T-Shirt & the Gamma LT Pants

Kai (left in left picture) wears the Arcyda Toque Beanie, the Covert Cardigan, the Captive Split T-Shirt, the Gamma LT Pant & the Acrux TR GTX Boots
Tang (right in the left picture) wears the Atom LT Hoodie, the Captive Long Sleeve T-Shirt & the Gamma LT Pant

Shop the full Arc’Teryx collection by clicking here, available online and in-store at Wellgosh.

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Wellgosh Motives: Puma X P.A.M Bio/Verse Launch Event

We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch event celebrating the collaboration between sportswear giants Puma and graffiti-inspired lifestyle and streetwear brand, Perks And Mini (or P.A.M for short). This collaboration is centred around much more than just the stylish pieces the collection contains, with both the brands working alongside the Rainforest Connection and Instituto Juruá driving real-world environmental impact in the rainforest and further afield. The construction of the apparel, footwear and accessories included in the BIO/VERSE capsule uses sustainable materials and serve as a souvenir for the positive action taking place through the respective organisations.

This was reflected in the event itself, which started with the first of two workshops, a how-to session on making terrariums with London-based florist, Grace & Thorn. On arrival to the event, held in Motel Studios, a creative space in the arches underneath a trainline in Hoxton, we were met by Melisa Gonzalez, UK Sportstyle Marketing Executive for Puma, who showed us to the bar while the workshops were set up. We were offered a range of drinks made specially for the event, including the PAMPUMA PALOMA, a tequila-based pink grapefruit cocktail which was both delicious and had quite the kick. The Southside Of The Island cocktail was a botanical and refreshing vodka-based drink, finished with jasmine tea, ginger, apple and fresh cucumber. After an alcohol-free version of the Paloma and a crisp bottle of Asahi, we were shown to our seats.

Grace & Thorn Terrarium Workshop

The host of this workshop, Shannon, introduced herself to the table and after a quick round of introductions between the class, we were told the contents of the beautifully presented bags in front of us. We were each given a glass terrarium and two small potted succulents, which would become the focal point of our own bioverse. Shannon then created an exemplary terrarium, breaking down each of the steps.

First, we tilted the glass adding soil as a foundation, followed by gravel, more soil to create a foundation for our succulents. We were given a paintbrush to help move the soil around once it was in the glass, making adequate room for the decorative elements; finer gravel, driftwood, dry reindeer moss and even some small figurines to add some extra character. We were expertly guided through each step and given advice, then once we were happy with the finished product, we looked at what each person had created. Each terrarium was completely unique, and it was inspiring to see what could be made with things that are so easily accessible in nature. Grace & Thorn have celebrated their 10th anniversary this year and offer workshops and floristry services online and in-store. Contact them and learn more at www.graceandthorn.com.

After a short intermission (and a couple more Asahi’s) we were collected and taken to our next workshop, natural dyeing with Joy from Root Notes.

Root Notes Natural Dye Workshop

For the Root Notes workshop, held by Joy, we were given an introduction into the history of natural materials being used for dyeing clothing by ancient civilisations up to modern times. Joy presented different materials we would be using and their corresponding colours, including ground turmeric, onion skins, dried hollyhocks, dried coreopsis and more. We were urged to keep our inner child in mind when dyeing the white Puma socks we were supplied with, as there was no right or wrong way to choose our pattern.

The socks had been previously dampened, ready for us to crumble, break up and place the different natural matter down the centre of each sock. Once we were happy with our colour placement, we rolled the socks from top to bottom, like a burrito. We then bound the socks tight with some thread, attaching clothing pegs with our name on and loaded them into the steamer. Joy explained to us that this is one of many dyeing techniques, called bundle dyeing. Thirteen minutes later, our socks were ready to collect and hung on a drying rack after shaking the excess debris into a bin bag. The results were bright and interesting patterns, similar to the acid-wash grunge trend or the classic tie-dye look of the 60’s and 70’s, with things you can source from a local park or your kitchen. Check out Root Notes on Instagram, by searching the handle @rootnotes.

The Main Event: The After Party

At the after party, our ears were graced with playful Amapiano vibes from the first DJ of the night, Rare Treat. Shortly after, we were treated to an intimate performance from UK rapper and hip hop artist Jeshi, from the PAMPUMA Island set for a truly other-worldly and immersive experience. Charisse C was next up, bringing the dance floor into full swing with a blend of new and old South African sounds as drinks flowed and the audience got familiar with one another. The final entertainment of the night came in the form of the genre-defying DJ P-Rallel, ending the night on 2000’s R ‘n’ B and hip hop bangers, persuading even the most dancefloor-wary to a knees up. It was a wholesome and ecstatic end to an event built on joy, connection and creativity.

The Puma X PAM collection is available on Wellgosh now, click here to check it out.

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Gramicci Legwear; From A Climber’s Best Friend To A Streetwear Staple | Wellgosh

Gramicci have been known for their iconic style of climbing trousers, originally dreamed up by a group of Californian climbers called the Stonemasters in the early 1970s. The group were tired of wool breeches and poorly fitting cords, using painter pants, denim jeans and ex-military trousers as an alternative to promote a better range of movement. These trouser styles were combined, alongside a diamond-shaped reinforced gusset to the crotch taken from kung-fu trousers to give them a full 180-degree flexibility to aid climbing when it came to those hard-to-reach footwells when scaling hills and mountains. Thus, the original G-pant was born. This article breaks down Gramicci’s latest collection of trousers for AW22, available online and in-store at Wellgosh.

Loose Tapered Pant

  • Loose fit with a tapered leg
  • Large fatigue pockets
  • Roomy waist for added comfort
  • Cropped ankle
  • Integrated web belt
  • Made with 100% cotton twill
  • Dual rear pockets
  • Woven branding to the belt and rear pocket
  • Reinforced gusseted crotch for 180° range of movement
  • Click here to shop the black pair

The Loose Fit Tapered Pant does what it says on the tin, with a roomy waist, a loose fit and a wide, slightly cropped leg with a taper. These loose-fitting trousers also feature the iconic built-in belt, with large fatigue pockets for storage while climbing, dual rear pockets and a cotton twill construction.


  • Low rise with a slim fit
  • 100% stretch cotton twill construction
  • Dual side seam pockets
  • Dual rear Velcro closure pockets
  • Vintage style wash
  • Reinforced gusseted crotch for 180° range of movement
  • Shop the green pair here
  • Shop the black pair here

The NN-Pant is an adaption of the original Pant, with a slimmer leg for a smart-casual look. These trousers are made from a stretchy cotton twill for freedom of movement, with a vintage-style wash for a retro look. The standard 180-degree crotch reinforcement, branding and 4-pocket design remain, for an authentic Gramicci experience.

Shop our full range of Gramicci trousers, other apparel and accessories here on Wellgosh.

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Get Nostalgic With The Pop Trading Co. X Rop Van Mierlo Collaboration | Wellgosh

Amsterdam-based designer and illustrator Rop Van Mierlo reimagines classic skateboarding mascots for his exclusive collaboration with elevated skatewear brand Pop Trading Co. Pop and Rop are no strangers to one another, with the artist’s ‘wet-on-wet’ animal paintings decorating previous releases. For this collection, however, the focus has been shifted to a much more introspective subject: nostalgia.

As an ode to growing up in the 90s during one of the many ‘golden eras’ of skateboarding, Rop applies his instantly recognisable washed-out aesthetic to well-known characters used by skate brands including Toy Machine’s Devil, World Industries’ Flame Boy, Zero’s Skull, Blind’s Grim Reaper, Alien Workshop’s Alien and, of course, Powell Peralta’s ‘Ripper’ design.

These graphics have been applied to Pop’s premium short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts, alongside cosy heavyweight hoodies, perfect for winter.

Shop the Pop Trading Co. X Rop Van Mierlo collaboration, online and in-store at Wellgosh.

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It’s Jacket Season At Wellgosh; Check Out Our Favourite Pieces So Far | Wellgosh

When it comes to autumn and winter, choosing the right jacket is important. Not only does it fulfil the purpose of keeping you warm and dry, but it also sets the tone for your entire winter look, how you layer your outfit and what colours to wear alongside it. Our Jackets category features a ton of options, from lightweight tracksuit jackets and anoraks to workwear-inspired chore jackets, puffers, fleeces, varsity jackets and tech-infused weatherproof coats. We’ve chosen three of our favourite pieces this season, from Norse Projects, Stussy and Satta to give you an idea of what to expect. Check out our jackets department for a plethora of hand-curated jackets to suit any wardrobe.

Norse Projects Fyn Down 70/30 Jacket

The Fyn Down 70/30 jacket is a heavy-duty, winter-ready outfit with a durable 70% cotton and 30% nylon outer shell, creating a barrier when the cotton yarn swells and finished with a DWR treatment to keep you dry. An 80/20 fill of recycled duck down and feather provides adequate insulation for snow days. A two-way zip gives you more ways to wear the jacket, with a press-stud storm placket featuring a classy corduroy trim. There are four zippered pockets to choose from for your valuables, dual side pockets, a single chest pocket and a pocket on the bicep of the left sleeve. Norse Projects have been creating premium apparel with a minimalist approach to branding, allowing the garment to speak for itself. Add some Danish design to your coat rack.

Stussy Down Ripstop Puffer Jacket

This cosy puffer jacket from streetwear lifers Stussy in a dusty rose colourway adds some colour to your autumn fits, with ample space for layering underneath due to its relaxed fit. A blend of recycled and non-recycled nylon forms the durable ripstop outer shell, with a rich 90% down, 10% feather fill and dual fleece lined pockets to keep you warm on those cold, dry days. A tall funnel neck ensures that the jacket looks great paired with both sweatshirts and hoodies, whilst a contrasting embroidered Stussy logo to the left sleeve cuff maintains the brands aesthetic. Adjustable elasticated shock cords at the hem allow a custom fit, boasting this garments versatility.

Satta Shell Tek Jacket

Satta’s focus on comfort, functionality and simplicity is perfectly represented in this water-resistant, lightweight jacket with a retro feel. A colour-blocked, two-tone nylon ripstop construction is complemented with relaxed raglan sleeves, two large utility chest pockets, dual side pockets and an adjustable chin guard. A peaked, three-panel hood keeps drizzle at bay, whilst the elasticated sleeve cuffs retain the shape of the jacket with its regular-fitting silhouette.

Pop Trading Co. Alex Puffer Jacket

Amsterdam’s Pop Trading Co. revisit one of their cold-weather staples, the Alex Puffer jacket and dress it in a versatile black colourway. This parka-inspired coat features a durable polyester canvas and nylon mixed construction, paired with a biodegradable and featherless 3M Dupont Sonora down filling developed by Thinsulate. An oversized padded adjustable hood and high collar extends the insulation to your head top, with a YKK full zip fastening and a toggle adjustable hem for full body coverage. Contrasting embroidered logos are shown at the side and nape, with dual zippered side pockets for your essentials.

Shop our Jackets collection here at Wellgosh.

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Western Workwear Meets Sleek, Eastern Design: Carhartt WIP X Suicoke | Wellgosh

Classic Workwear and inspiration from Eastern Asian street-style are prevalent in the development of contemporary streetwear and modern menswear, which is something perfectly represented in the collaboration between US-based heritage company Carhartt WIP and Japan-based footwear brand Suicoke, who have made waves in the fashion world with their experimental take on slides, sandals and outdoor-friendly footwear.

Two classic silhouettes are taken from Suicoke’s repertoire, infused with Carhartt WIP’s utilitarian take on sturdy materials and timeless branding. The first is a luxurious slide, the MOTO, which features an upper crafted with two durable materials Carhartt WIP has championed in their apparel: Dearborn Canvas and corduroy. Embroidered Carhartt WIP logos and a woven Suicoke logo decorate the dual nylon touch-fastened straps, with Suicoke’s comfortably shaped footbed and EVA cushioned midsole underneath. A rubber sole provides grip to the lightweight slide, making these ideal for indoor daily wear, or outdoors on a dry day.

The second silhouette of choice is the DEPA, an ultra-lightweight sandal featuring an upper made up of durable nylon straps with neoprene padding and plastic attachment rings, also sporting a repeated woven Carhartt WIP logo alongside a woven Suicoke tab. A foot-friendly shaped footbed and EVA midsole, alongside a rubber outsole keeps things consistent for all-day wear.

The Carhartt WIP X Suicoke collection is available now from Wellgosh.

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Wellgosh Wears | Norse Projects AW22 Collection

This autumn, Norse Projects have curated a collection of out-door ready pieces, from heavyweight base layers to heavy-duty weatherproof jackets to see you through the wind, rain and snow. We’ve put together a look book including some of our favourite pieces to give you some cold-weather outfit inspiration. In this editorial, we’ll be breaking down these outfits to show you why Norse Projects have been one of the go-to brands since their inception in 2004.

In this first outfit, let’s start from the top. The Beanie in Ecru is a neutral, versatile accessory, crafted from 100% Scottish lambswool, brushed for a super soft feel. The turn-up cuff has a contrasting thicker rib knit, finished tastefully with a woven branded label. The Tech Merino Half-Zip mid-layer features a blend of extra fine Merino wool with 37.5 technology, keeping your body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5°C, with a breathable construction to keep the microclimate next to your skin at the same temperature. When you get warm, patented active particles remove sweat whilst it’s still in the vapour stage, keeping you dry and comfortable. As you get colder, the same particles use energy to keep you warm. This chemical-free technology is built to last as long as the fleece itself, making it perfect for year-round wear.

The Thor GTX Infinium 2.0 jacket is cut to a mac silhouette, with a removable hood that boasts a smart flat collar underneath. This coat features a durable, recycled construction with GORE-TEX Infinium and WINDSTOPPER technology for water and wind resistance, reinforced with a DWR water-repellent treatment to protect you from the elements, whilst still remaining breathable. Primaloft insulation keeps things cosy, with a thigh-length cut for great coverage. For your lower half, the Ezra Light Stretch trousers are a comfortable option for any outfit, with a hard-wearing organic cotton twill construction, an elasticated waistband, a relaxed fit and a loose leg. The Ezra trousers are finished with a rich garment dye, that will develop a stylish fade over time.

For the second outfit, we’ve featured a best-selling accessory from Norse, the Twill Sports Cap. This decadent 6-panel cap has a curved brim, with a fully adjustable rear strap for the perfect fit. A white embroidered ‘N’ logo keeps things minimal, contrasting with the dark green hue. The Fyn Down 70/30 jacket is inspired by mountain parkas used by adventurers and the military for poor weather conditions. A blend of 70% cotton and 30% nylon creates a barrier against wind and rain, when the cotton yarn swells when wet, with a DWR treatment for water resistance. An 80% down and 20% recycled feather padding keeps cold breezes at bay, with a two-way zip fastening for a custom look.

For a mid-layer, the Sigfed Space Knit is a knitted sweatshirt with a crewneck-feel, boasting a blend of cotton, Mohair, alpaca wool and polyamide mix and a two-toned brown and off-white striped design. The thick-rib collar, sleeve cuffs and hem help to keep the shape of the garment, ensuring the Sigfed is built to last. The Johannes Heavy Long Sleeve T-Shirt works great as a bottom layer in the cold, or as a lightweight sweatshirt in the warmer months. This regular fit tee is manufactured in Portugal, with 100% organic cotton. An embroidered tonal logo can be found on the chest, keeping the branding subtle.

For a smart-casual look that’s perfect for everyday wear, outfit three sees the previously mentioned Beanie in a seasonal olive green. The Tyge Broken Twill shirt fuses the worlds of utilitarian and workwear staples, with an overdyed cotton-twill design, a wide placket and dual chest pockets. The shirt can be worn as a base layer, or over your favourite hoodie as demonstrated here.

The Vagn Classic Hood has seen many iterations over the years and it’s easy to see why it’s become such an important part of Norse Project’s collections. This no-nonsense hoodie is made with a loopback organic cotton to keep things breathable, with a soft two-layered hood that’s adjustable using the drawstring, finished with metal tips. A kangaroo pocket can be used for extra storage, or just to warm your hands. A short-sleeved Johannes Logo T in Navy compliments the autumnal tones of this outfit, with a screen-printed logo to the chest, also manufactured in Portugal from organic cotton.

Last but by no means least, this final outfit is perfect for a range of scenarios, including coffee dates, interviews and nights on the town. The Twill Sports Cap can be seen in a burnt orange hue, paired with the Anton Flannel Shirt in a deep green, with a super soft brushed organic cotton flannel structure, signed off with mother of pearl buttons and a single chest pocket.

The Johannes Heavy T-Shirt is a heavyweight version of the aforementioned Logo T, with an embroidered tonal chest logo and a relaxed fit, perfect for an under shirt or worn in summer as a top layer.

Check out the full Norse Projects collection online and in-store at Wellgosh.

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Liam Gallagher Teams Up With Clarks Originals For His Own Signature Rambler | Wellgosh

Liam Gallagher, Ex-frontman for the kings of Britpop Oasis, has an on-going legacy that surpasses the band’s musical catalogue. Beyond the boozy live shows, sibling rivalry and twitter-based social commentary, LG’s iconic style of oversized military-inspired jackets from the likes of Stone Island and Cp Company, slim-legged trousers and a classic pair of Adidas, Desert Treks or Wallabees has often been imitated, but never bettered.

The singer/songwriter isn’t shy of a collaboration, with a few sought-after and super limited pairs of Adidas terrace shoes under his belt, but now turns to something a little bit more formal with Clarks Originals for his own take on an understated classic: the Rambler.

A tan suede upper is complimented with brown leather overlays, including an embossed heel panel sporting an embossed motif of the man himself. A leather lining keeps thing breathable, with a moc-toe echoing the aforementioned Wallabee, along with a timeless crepe sole for all-day comfort. Contrast stitching and rope laces give the Rambler a vintage-feel, accompanied by removable embossed leather tags. Each pair comes with two sets of laces and a special box to keep them in mint condition if you plan to store them for a special event. These shoes are super limited in number and are only being sold by a very select few vendors, so naturally we’re over-the-moon to be one of the special few.

The Liam Gallagher X Clarks Originals Rambler is available online and in-store from the 21/10/2022, so set the date to avoid disappointment. You might want to get up extra early for the best chance in copping a pair.

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