NIKE ACG | Spring ’21

Last week we released a video created in conjunction with our mates over at Proper Mag showcasing the latest Nike ACG collection in all its glory. A collection made up of all the technical fabrics we know and love; the Gore-Tex Misery Ridge JacketWolf Tree Polartec Fleece and the Rope De Rope Primaloft Vest to name a few, Spring ’21 ACG has not disappointed.

Whilst shooting the Wellgosh x Proper Mag blockbuster movie, it would have been foolish not to grab a few stills of the collection worn by people far better looking than ourselves. So Tony bust his best Blue Steel in front of the lens and below is what came out.

Here you go folks, and a massive thank you to all involved in the shoot… good times!

After Errolson Hugh’s reign at the top of ACG’s design ladder, which no doubt helped bring back the phoenix from the ashes, Nike’s outdoor arm to their body of sportswear has quickly returned to the playful ‘90s colour pallet we know and love. There has been no compromise when it comes to fabric choice and production method. The All Conditions Gear is exactly that; gear that will protect the wearer against all the elements no matter what Mother Nature has up her sleeve! 

We’re buzzing it’s back in all its former glory. Errolson’s NikeLab version was seriously good gear, and yes it worked too (Errolson is no newcomer to the world of technical jackets!), but what it gained in design cues from the founder of Acronym and designer of Shadow Projects was pretty much that. Another great addition to Errolson’s archive of technical brilliance, all decked out in black and cool as f*ck, but it didn’t look like ACG. 

So pop on a colourful jacket, layer it with an earthy fleece, go outside, and have some fun! 

Wellgosh Love

PINK PIG | Nike SB Dunk Low Pro

It’s been a bit of a wild year for Dunks, the Swoosh has given us some real bangers, and it looks like things won’t be slowing down any time soon… 

The next update for the Dunk pulls up in Atomic Pink & University Red, or as it’s being named, Pink Pig. 

The inspiration behind these bright beauties comes from a particular racing car that took part in the Le Mans 24 Hours back in 1971. The car in question is of course the ‘Pink Pig’, designed by Anatole Lapine, the infamous 917/20 now sits proudly in the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany after etching its name into motorsport history. 

The Pink Pig was the fastest car to qualify untested during the pre-race qualification and was recently brought back to life through the Porsche 911 at the 2018 Le Mans. 

The Nike SB Low Pro Premium ‘Pink Pig’ will be available over on Wellgosh Launches in limited sizes and numbers, you have to be in it to win it folks.

Be sure to check out the rest of our Nike SB range here too. 

NIKE ACG | When Nature Calls

Nike ACG is a mainstay here aboard the good ship Wellgosh. We’re one of the UK’s proudest stockists of Nike’s All Conditions Gear, and Spring ’21’s collection has not disappointed.

With Bozza’s foolproof roadmap drawn up that will lead us out of the UK’s national lockdown, we have just the ticket to get you well on your way to reconnect with nature (when we can venture a little further afield than the local park). 

Charting the journey of our good friend Tony, as he climbs off of his sofa after months of lockdown taking its toll on the would-be adventurer, this film examines the outdoor essentials that should be on top of all of your shopping lists in order to appropriately combat the great outdoors… without the risk of running into any number of serious health and safety issues along the way. 

Featuring all the key buzzwords; Gore-Tex membrane, rugged outsole, Polartec fleece, technical excellence, Primaloft… Nike ACG Spring ’21 landed last week with a bang (or a rustling of leaves). 

The hero piece is most definitely the Misery Ridge Gore-Tex Jacket. We all know the Gore-Tex song and dance, but somehow when you see that tonal certification upon the arm of an ACG jacket executed in a classic ‘90s ACG colour pallet, its all the more appealing! 

The Nike ACG Mountain Fly Low is the latest addition to the ACG footwear familia, after its high-top sibling made its debut in Winter ’20. This lighter weight, lower profile model comes in a moody anthracite / black colour option but also in a more classically, outdoorsy, ACGy Fossil execution, with pops of orange that scream GO OUTSIDE!

We won’t bore you with a description of each and every piece in the range. Instead you can press play, kick back and feast your eyes on Tony’s journey out of lockdown and get a flavour of how Nike ACG can help you with yours! 

Peep the full Nike ACG Spring ’21 collection here.

Wellgosh Love

STÜSSY | Spring ’21

Here at Wellgosh, we have had the pleasure of stocking Stussy for over 20 years, some say we are the original stockist of the brand outside of London too. We have seen the surf/skate style, west-coast US-inspired brand move from strength to strength and cement it’s iconic status during this time. The Spring/Summer ’21 collection has landed here, and we’d like to showcase some of our personal favourites from what is a great collection yet again from Stussy.

Shawn Stussy originally created the brand in 1980, drawing inspiration from surf & skate culture, music and art amongst many other things, With this, Its signature logo has become instantly recognisable and has consistently featured in collections over the decades. Spring/Summer ’21 collection draws inspiration from all of these, and of course, in classic Stussy fashion, have done it in their own unique way.

The collection features some excellent jackets, trousers, t-shirts and much more – too many to put into one feature so we’ve thrown a few of our favourite fits together as well as some standout pieces for all of you lovely lot to feast your eyes on, so be sure to check out the rest of the collection and more from Stussy here.

The first fit on the prettiest fella in the business – Shuo, consists of the Apex Pant, which are a taped seam utility trouser, alongside the timeless Basic App. Hoodie in Ash Heather. Over this sits the Sherpa Hood, which is a heavyweight fleeced hoodie ideal for a multitude of temperatures and settings. This fit is signed off with the Outdoor Panel Bucket Hat and a pair of Nike ACG Air Nasu in Yellow/Black, which featured a Gore-Tex construction, so you won’t need to worry about your feet getting soggy. 

The Hand Drawn Dot Shirt is a single-collared, short-sleeve smart/casual style that is a real standout piece in this collection, cut from silky cotton, it might just be the perfect shirt to nip out in once we return to a sense of normality. 

The second fit we’ve thrown together is one for those warmer days, with the water-resistant Folsom Jacket and Beach Pants paired up together alongside the Something’s Cooking Tee for a light, cosy and colourful fit. The deal is sealed on this one with the Clarks Wallabee in Indigo colouring on foot and the Big Logo Twill Cap in Olive up top. 

Another piece from this collection that grabs our attention is the Stripe Garage Jacket, which is a cotton jacket that honestly needs to be held to be truly appreciated. With subtle paneling and multiple pockets, it could well be the daily jacket you’ve been searching for, the quality is second to none and it can be paired with so much that it’s a bit of a no brainer really! 

Our final outfit to bless your screens with consists of the 8 Ball HoodRitters Long Quilted Jacket and the Brushed Cotton Pant, topped off with a pair of classy Dr Martens 1461 Ghillie and the Big Logo Twill Cap in Black. The Ritters Jacket takes the cake on this one, a subtle update on a classic long jacket, it’s made from a super comfy polyester and can easily be worn with any wardrobe staples. 

The final piece for us to sign off with is the Quilted Liner Vest. This vest is made using 100% Nylon Ripstop material, so it’s super durable and will provide great protection from the lovely British weather we are so lucky to experience. It’s got a couple of pockets for handy storage and it looks great layered or on its own. 

That’s our presentation of the latest Stussy drop which is now live on Wellgosh Launches,  And be sure to head over to the main site and peep what else is on offer! 

Wellgosh Love x 

FANCY PANTS | Universal Works

It’s been a bit of a weird year hasn’t it? None of us have been able to go about our normal lives like we usually would with the pandemic going on. Regardless of this, most of us are looking forward to a return to normality again, and we certainly can’t wait to make a bit of a song and dance about it and meet up with our nearest and dearest. 

Speaking of, Universal Works are some of our nearest and dearest in this industry, and they certainly know how to make some excellent clothing, they quite literally have something for everybody in their collections. In their latest capsule, they have provided some absolutely lovely pieces, and we’d like to show some of our favourites that we might well be donning when we either head back out for a quiet drink or put on a zoom quiz in the meantime. 

The Patched Mill Bakers Jacket, and the Patched Mill Fatigue Pant are a match made in heaven, or shall we say the battlefield. Both are constructed from premium cotton sourced from Osaka, Japan and can be mixed and matched to your hearts desire. Be sure to check the pair out over on the main site. 

This pairing of the MW Fatigue Jacket in Navy, and the Military Chino in Olive is a lovely, simple mix that features two great pieces in their own right. The Military Chino is a UW staple, and is an excellent daily trouser, but you could pretty easily dress it up if you wanted to thanks to it’s slightly tapered fit and durable cotton construction. The Fatigue Jacket isn’t too dissimilar, I personally think a Navy work jacket looks great with a white tee and some jeans, but this can also be paired with trousers of a similar colour for a smashing look! 

The Road Shirt In Fuji Summer Print is pretty much the perfect summer shirt, it’s cut from a lovely mix of cotton and rayon, and the Japanese artwork inspired graphic pretty much goes in hand in hand with one of those chilling summer evenings, better times are coming folks. 

Last but certainly not least, the Kyoto Work Jacket and Track Short in Paisley Weave are another perfect combination in this collection, it might be you’re knocking around having a lazy Sunday at home or you want to venture out in this eye-catching outfit, either way, you’ll probably be the comfiest person there regardless, what more could you need?

That’s all from us on this recommendation, be sure to check out the rest of the Universal Works clothing on offer here. 


Dr Martens have a seriously strong roster when it comes to collaborative efforts, as do Needles. Both have an impressive history when it comes to working alongside other forward thinkers, making for some truly great collections.

It’s always great to see two forward-thinking brands combine to create something truly special, we’ve seen our fair share of that over the years at Wellgosh. What’s even better is when two of our favourite, forward-thinking brands collaborate to create something.

Japanese brand Needles are experts in their own right in regards to upcycling, thanks to their ‘rebuild’ program in which they take old flannel shirts, deconstruct them and then combine them to create one-off, unique and stylish pieces. Not only that, Needles track pants have taken the world (and lounges) by storm as of late, the subtle trousers are a perfect blend of everything you need in a track pant, and have even worked with the likes of A$AP Rocky on a capsule too. Needles are inspired by the west-coast style of the US, and true Americana culture, which is pretty evident when looking at their collections, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Needles offerings here.

Dr Martens has returned to Wellgosh this season with a hefty delivery of the mainline footwear, providing some of the finest footwear that you could treat your feet with, with the likes of the classics range, Made In England range and a few others which you’ll definitely want to feast your eyes, you can check our selection out here over on the main page. 

But I digress, if you’re here reading this then we would like to introduce the Needles x Dr Martens 2976. 

The 2976 is a Chelsea Boot style from Dr Martens that has been a sub-culture classic since it’s inception decades ago. Whilst the Chelsea Boot silhouette has been around since the Victorian days, it was reimagined in the vision of Dr Martens back in the 1970’s, with elasticated side panels, a custom Air-cushioned sole and premium leather construction. 

The 2976 gets the Needles treatment in the form of the ‘Papillon’ butterfly branding, of which it’s based from the film of the same name. The upper also boasts a silver needles tassel on the Black Smooth, and gold on the Cherry Red version. This collaboration is a perfect mixture of Needles West Coast-inspired design, and Dr Martens burning desire to constantly think outside of the box and push the boundaries of innovation. 

Of course it wouldn’t be a Dr Martens without the excellent attention to detail and excellent craftmanship. This collection is hand-made at the original Dr Martens factory in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, and features all the regular signs of expert build quality such as the yellow welt, pretty much indestructable sole and stitching across the upper. 

The pairs in this collection are complete with a branded dust bag, and a special edition Made In England box which further cements the build quality and acts as a nod to the prestigious heritage of the brand.

This collection is a very welcomed one here at Wellgosh, two of our favourite brands coming together again to create a great update on an already great silhouette, the Dr Martens x Needles 2976 is now available at Wellgosh launches. You can head to the Black here, or the Red here

MAHARISHI | Year Of The Ox

The Ox is the second of all of the zodiac animals. It is said that the Jade Emperor said the order of the cycle would be decided by the order in which the animals arrived to his party. The Ox was set to be first until the Rat tricked him by asking for a ride, and just as they arrived, the Rat jumped down and got in before the Ox, hence the Ox becoming the second animal.

With Chinese New Year taking place on the 12th of February, Maharishi are celebrating this year of the Ox with a signature collection, consisting of some serious pieces that pay homage to the year that is said to bring prosperity and wellness for all, something I’m sure we all wouldn’t say no to after the last 12 months!

Be sure to check out Maharishi’s other celebrations of Lunar New Years too, you can check out the Year of the Rat and the Year of the Boar celebrations, well worth a nosey.

This capsule from Maharishi sees some serious heat, with the likes of embroidered stadium jackets, track pants, utility shirts and graphic t-shirts. It explores the Yōkai lore of western Japan, in particular, the bovine-headed demon referred to as Ushi-Oshi. There are even some guest prints from the likes of Andy Warhol, Teach and Myoshka.

Allow us to walk you through some of our favourites that are available here at Wellgosh!

The collection draws inspiration from ‘Edo’ period artists such as Sawaki Sūshi, and his iteration of Ushi-Oshi, which depicted the creature with an Ox’s head on a spider-like body, with six legs and long individual claws.

A graphic of the creature is embroidered on to a Kimono Stadium Jacket, a perfect blend of East and West signature styles. The jacket is cut from a British heritage mill wool in Melton, who have manufactured wool jacket for the British Redcoats for decades.

The Ox Cheongsam Utility Shirt is full of finer details, including an embroidered patch based on the military outfit that inspired the infamous basketball team the Chicago Bulls logo.

The Ox Insignia Long Sleeve T-Shirt draws the same inspiration from the utility shirt, boasting classic branding and the military patch from the 34th Infantry Division. Here it is styled up with the Kimono Jacket, be sure to take a better look over on the main site! 

The Ushi-Oni Ox T-Shirt is another adaption of Sawaki’s interpretation of the creature, in monochrome styling on an organic cotton jersey.

This next one features a collaborative effort between Maharishi and London born graffiti artist Teach. The Teach x Maharishi Lunar Ox T-Shirt is an updated interpretation of some artwork you might already be familiar with…

The Teach x Maharishi Lunar Ox Crew is cut on heavy organic cotton and features graphics from teach and Maharishi branding on the reverse, perfect for getting up to no good.

Another collaboration in this capsule see’s Maharishi combines with another artist who operates under the name Myoshka, which is inspired by the word ‘Moksha’. Moksha is a term used in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, it references liberation and release which is brought to us by the cycle of death and rebirth.

The artwork on the Myoshka Lunar Ox T-Shirt features an Ox skull, which is locked in by a double-tetrahedron. According to sacred geometry, the shape in question represents the innermost law of the physical world as we know it – in the inseparable relation between the positive (active, male, electric) and the negative (passive, female, magnetic), which leads to perfect equilibrium.

Be sure to check out the collection in more detail and the rest from our Maharishi offerings here.


It’s time, time to kick back, relax, flip your speakers on and tune in to the next episode of Shop Sounds. This session was brought to you by one of our own; the man, the myth, the legend… the guy with the most infectious smile in Leicester… the guy we know as JUJU.

JUJU aka Marvin the Martian aka OG WG SB is a long time friend and part of the OG Wellgosh Famillia. Back in the day he worked the shop floor with his best bud Nially-Cat like an absolute badman. This was during the hazy days when our boss at the time would make fleeting visits to London on a Thursday morning to pick up the latest threads from The Hideout & BAPE store, an era that shaped so many of our futures, including the man that made this mix.

After having his eyes opened wide by the treasure troves that would make their way back to the shop, JUJU set his sights on the big smoke where he embarked on his career as an all round creative. He’s danced, rapped & produced his way through office blocks and think tanks, working with the likes of Nikeadidas OriginalsVivienne WestwoodColors Studios and NTS Radio (to name a few).

This mix is jam packed full of beats that will blow your bass bins and make your tweeters pop. An intense and eclectic mix of beat driven tunes that span sub-genres of hip-hop, put together with a British twist that Drake would pay a buck or two to emulate. JUJU says his aim is to hail up UK talent as he shares with us a variety of up and coming black artists, local Leicester talent & his own tunes.

If you like what you hear and want to hear more, or if you need a full time cool guy to come add a little flair into your next marketing campaign hit up our man Juju at one of the addresses below:





CARHARTT WIP | Spring 21

Carhartt WIP are on the podium in the race to deliver first their Spring 2021 collections. Drop one from Carhartt WIP arrived with us late last week, when the workwear weapons dropped 6 boxes on us (ouch?!) full of goodies including our first batch of Carhartt WIP graphic t-shirts, a top up in the Carhartt WIP Essentials Bags, a nice twist on their classic Marshall Jogger and the hero so far; a truly beautiful Carhartt WIP Glenn over-shirt that has been executed to perfection. 

The Carhartt WIP Glenn Shirt is a piece that has been in the range for many seasons now, and this season they have given it the OG treatment. Having honed their craft in vintage-ifying classic clothing a couple of years back when they rereleased the OG Chore Coat, they now turn their hand to other iconic Carhartt WIP silhouettes. They have worked their classic duck canvas like it has never been worked before, distressing it in all the right places, resulting in a fabric which has all the durability you’d expect from a duck canvas but with a patina and hand-feel that will have your mates guessing you’d put in a few years hard graft logging trees with that shirt on your back. With this in mind, what colour would work best? Their classic Hamilton Brown of course… 

Whilst the Glenn is in our opinion the window piece of the range, it’s by no means the only piece worth running your eyes over. Over-shirts work best worn over things no? Yes! And boy have we had some lovely graphic t-shirts turn up to drip underneath it. See below a few seasonal highlights we shot.

On top of a great range of Carhartt WIP t-shirts, and a stunning Carhartt WIP over-shirt, we’ve also had the revamped version of Carhartt WIP’s classic Marshall Jogger. We’re used to seeing the Marshall Jogger in a cotton ripstop, but Spring 21 sees the brand update the fabrication, using a heavier weighted twill for a more workwear inspired execution. Whilst the fabric may have changed, the fit is still bang on the same; spacious up top with a cuffed ankle that makes these a great addition to sit atop your favourite kicks. 

Peep our full Carhartt WIP collection here. Wellgosh Love 

NIKE SB | Dunk Low Pro

Without a doubt, the Nike Dunk is having a great time right now, add an SB make-up to the mix and a Jordan inspired colourway to the party and that’s a combo that will quite possibly break our website! 

Well Spring 21 sees Nike do just that. The classic Dunk Low Pro silhouette drops at Wellgosh as part of our Nike SB Collection. Crafted from soft leather uppers and coloured up in a clean Court Purple, Black and White colourway, this kick has got it all going on; comfort, class, nostalgia & style.

The Dunk was originally built with Basketball in mind and has since been adopted by sneakerheads and skaters alike. Like anything Dunk, sizes and stock are super limited whilst the demand stays super high, you’ve got to be in it to win it though! This badboy releases 23/01/21 via launches.wellgosh.com – sign up now before the raffles closes!

Good Luck! Wellgosh Love

CHOOSE | Alife

Alife win the race in delivering first in 2021! Although this is actually their AW20 collection, it seems the New York based brand are looking to address our wonky delivery windows, delivering gear designed for the winter months during the UK’s coldest period. 

Alife is one of those brands that opitimise early noughties streetwear. A time when graphic t-shirts were all the rage, a golden era when creatives from across the country would travel to London on a Thursday morning to queue up outside BAPE store to shop the latest drop. When The Hideout was still about & set the standard for UK retail. Alife were one of the brands that pushed the boundaries in this field & consolidated a culture, bringing together disciplines from across different creative fields including music, art and clothing. 

Treis Hill is the founder of Alife, & still very much the man in charge. Treis uses his voice and platform wisely, questioning the decisions made by some of the biggest brands out there and asking the questions that some are fearful to ask, on a quest that we support and applaud for a more diverse representation within company board rooms and design hubs that operate within our field of fashion. Via Alife’s work with Brooklyn Museum, Alife highlight cultural issues of systemic racism, teaming up with political artists such as Faith Ringgold to create great looking clothing with a message. Most recently, Alife were a pivotal voice in the run up to the last US election, enthusing a youthful demographic to execute their right to vote & make themselves heard.

So when you’re buying into Alife, you can do so with the knowledge that you are supporting a movement, & you’re looking great doing it!

Below are some of our best bits from the latest Alife drop

LEVI’S | Skateboarding

Last season saw us introduce Levi’s Skateboarding to the Wellgosh Famillia. Unfortunately it arrived at the beginning of November, just as the UK got locked down for the second time. Talk about a tough start in life?!

We’ve been long time admirers of all things Levi’s; early adopters of Levi’s Vintage, a time when heavyweight selvedge denim was all the rage & you rated your denim on how rarely you could get away with washing your jeans. We also stocked Levi’s Skateboarding’s predecessor; Levi’s Commuter, a range developed to tackle the strains put on the leg wear of a would-be-tour-de-Leicester cyclist. So when the opportunity to get involved in Levi’s Skate range came about we didn’t need much convincing. With good heritage in the world of skateboarding, (our big boss Pete was instrumental in the opening of Leicester’s best ever skate shop ‘Casino’ many moons ago) & aligning ourselves with brands such as Fucking Awesome, Nike SB, & soon to arrive POP Trading, a skate range by a brand that has been so influential to so many subcultures was a no brainer.

Levi’s Skateboarding comprises of a nice mix of classic Levi’s cuts (namely the 511 & the iconic 501) & contemporary skate staples like heavy-duty work pants & hardwearing over shirts. Check out our full range of Levi’s here.