Introducing SUBU, The Lifestyle Sandal That Does It All | Wellgosh

Wellgosh is proud to introduce SUBU for winter 2022, a versatile slipper that’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor wear, allowing you to take the comfort of home anywhere you go. SUBU is a Japanese company, founded in 2016 and producing over a million pairs of shoes in their brief time in the industry.

SUBU have taken the traditional sandal, a shoe style that has been an integral part of the Japanese way of life, whether worn alongside a kimono or by Buddhist monks during their journey to spiritual enlightenment, updating the upper with a weatherproof Teflon outer shell available in a range of colours and patterns.

The Teflon is filled with a warm down for insulation, complimented by a soft fleece lining and a multi-layered cushioned midsole for a cloud-like cushioning, finished with a sturdy synthetic sole. An embroidered SUBU logo is then applied to the upper, for a tastefully minimalistic approach to branding.

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