Wellgosh Motives: Puma X P.A.M Bio/Verse Launch Event

We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch event celebrating the collaboration between sportswear giants Puma and graffiti-inspired lifestyle and streetwear brand, Perks And Mini (or P.A.M for short). This collaboration is centred around much more than just the stylish pieces the collection contains, with both the brands working alongside the Rainforest Connection and Instituto Juruá driving real-world environmental impact in the rainforest and further afield. The construction of the apparel, footwear and accessories included in the BIO/VERSE capsule uses sustainable materials and serve as a souvenir for the positive action taking place through the respective organisations.

This was reflected in the event itself, which started with the first of two workshops, a how-to session on making terrariums with London-based florist, Grace & Thorn. On arrival to the event, held in Motel Studios, a creative space in the arches underneath a trainline in Hoxton, we were met by Melisa Gonzalez, UK Sportstyle Marketing Executive for Puma, who showed us to the bar while the workshops were set up. We were offered a range of drinks made specially for the event, including the PAMPUMA PALOMA, a tequila-based pink grapefruit cocktail which was both delicious and had quite the kick. The Southside Of The Island cocktail was a botanical and refreshing vodka-based drink, finished with jasmine tea, ginger, apple and fresh cucumber. After an alcohol-free version of the Paloma and a crisp bottle of Asahi, we were shown to our seats.

Grace & Thorn Terrarium Workshop

The host of this workshop, Shannon, introduced herself to the table and after a quick round of introductions between the class, we were told the contents of the beautifully presented bags in front of us. We were each given a glass terrarium and two small potted succulents, which would become the focal point of our own bioverse. Shannon then created an exemplary terrarium, breaking down each of the steps.

First, we tilted the glass adding soil as a foundation, followed by gravel, more soil to create a foundation for our succulents. We were given a paintbrush to help move the soil around once it was in the glass, making adequate room for the decorative elements; finer gravel, driftwood, dry reindeer moss and even some small figurines to add some extra character. We were expertly guided through each step and given advice, then once we were happy with the finished product, we looked at what each person had created. Each terrarium was completely unique, and it was inspiring to see what could be made with things that are so easily accessible in nature. Grace & Thorn have celebrated their 10th anniversary this year and offer workshops and floristry services online and in-store. Contact them and learn more at www.graceandthorn.com.

After a short intermission (and a couple more Asahi’s) we were collected and taken to our next workshop, natural dyeing with Joy from Root Notes.

Root Notes Natural Dye Workshop

For the Root Notes workshop, held by Joy, we were given an introduction into the history of natural materials being used for dyeing clothing by ancient civilisations up to modern times. Joy presented different materials we would be using and their corresponding colours, including ground turmeric, onion skins, dried hollyhocks, dried coreopsis and more. We were urged to keep our inner child in mind when dyeing the white Puma socks we were supplied with, as there was no right or wrong way to choose our pattern.

The socks had been previously dampened, ready for us to crumble, break up and place the different natural matter down the centre of each sock. Once we were happy with our colour placement, we rolled the socks from top to bottom, like a burrito. We then bound the socks tight with some thread, attaching clothing pegs with our name on and loaded them into the steamer. Joy explained to us that this is one of many dyeing techniques, called bundle dyeing. Thirteen minutes later, our socks were ready to collect and hung on a drying rack after shaking the excess debris into a bin bag. The results were bright and interesting patterns, similar to the acid-wash grunge trend or the classic tie-dye look of the 60’s and 70’s, with things you can source from a local park or your kitchen. Check out Root Notes on Instagram, by searching the handle @rootnotes.

The Main Event: The After Party

At the after party, our ears were graced with playful Amapiano vibes from the first DJ of the night, Rare Treat. Shortly after, we were treated to an intimate performance from UK rapper and hip hop artist Jeshi, from the PAMPUMA Island set for a truly other-worldly and immersive experience. Charisse C was next up, bringing the dance floor into full swing with a blend of new and old South African sounds as drinks flowed and the audience got familiar with one another. The final entertainment of the night came in the form of the genre-defying DJ P-Rallel, ending the night on 2000’s R ‘n’ B and hip hop bangers, persuading even the most dancefloor-wary to a knees up. It was a wholesome and ecstatic end to an event built on joy, connection and creativity.

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Wellgosh love.