TSPTR’s Grand Return | Wellgosh

Taking cues from former architect and ‘the father of skyscrapers’ Louis Sullivan, California’s TSPTR bases their design process on five different principals that form the acronym it takes its name from: Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste and Recognition.

Making their return at Wellgosh, TSPTR have created a graphic-heavy collection, featuring California-inspired graphics alongside Snoopy and his feathered companion Woodstock from the 1950’s comic strip and well-loved tv cartoon, Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. This reflects the brand’s inspirations, taken from America’s rich history of subcultures and the counterculture movement of the 70s, reapplied to contemporary apparel for tasteful vintage appeal. Extensive research is at the core of each collection, whether it be the exploration of politics, pop culture, music or war to create garments that truly express a message.

All of TSPTR’s pieces are ethically made in mills based in Portugal and Japan, where expertise and craftsmanship are as important as human dignity and production methods. The brand frequently donates portions of their profits to worthy causes and issues that the team members believe in, using their platform to speak out against real life problems.

The same fiery passion can be seen in the end product, testing each garment to ensure they match or better the vintage items they’re based on. TSPTR clothing has a regular fit, so if you prefer a baggy look, we recommend sizing up.

‘Take the trip, enjoy the ride’, TSPTR available online and in store now.

Wellgosh love.