A Staple Since 1989; The Carhartt Watch Beanie | Wellgosh

The Carhartt WIP Watch Beanie has been a cold weather staple for the most flamboyant fashionista to skaters, businessmen, construction workers, musicians and everyone in between. So how did the acrylic knitted hat manage to traverse the plains of workwear and high-end fashion? It all started in 1989 when the A18 (the hat’s original name) was created as a free gift alongside a pair of socks with each purchase from the workwear brand, under the slogan “A free offer that covers you from head to toe”. Initially, the hat was only available in one colour, the classic Carhartt brown, but has since been reimagined into 55 other colours, with new variations still being created. The versatility, shape and minimalistic woven patch to the rolled-up cuff have been featured in movies such as the iconic French film ‘La Haine’, on the heads of such prestigious rappers as Nas, A$AP Rocky and Action Bronson, footballer David Beckham, singer and designer Rhianna, actor Jonah Hill and many more

The Carhartt Watch Beanie has been consistently popular for over 30 years with no signs of stopping. Invest in one today, or add to your collection at Wellgosh.

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