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Graphic t-shirts are a summer essential year-on-year, with each of our carefully selected brands putting their own unique spin on the base layer staple. But where did the graphic t-shirt originate from? Before becoming a day-to-day item of clothing, the t-shirt was initially designed to be worn under a military uniform in place of a vest and had been advertised and sold as such since the early 19th century. Thanks to the birth of the anti-hero through film roles taken by heartthrobs James Dean and Marlon Brando, the t-shirt was adopted by rebellious “bad-boys”, as wearing something classed as an undergarment in place of a shirt was seen as utterly scandalous.

1942 is the year of one of the first documented printed t-shirts seen by the general public, thanks to Life Magazine featuring an Air Corps Gunner School tee on the front cover. Fast forward to the ‘60s when new inks were created that complimented the screen printed process, and the counter-culture movement of the ‘70s in which people used graphic tees as a way to express their views on sexual liberation, politics and religion, with many of the designs relating to drug and music culture respectively.

This season, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice with our collection of t-shirts, from bold designs to more subtle options from your favourite brands, including Carhartt, Maharishi, Wacko Maria, Stussy, Nike and many more. Make the most of the summer with a fresh rotation of short-sleeved options, and keep your base layer selection plentiful for the colder months that follow.

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