Distressed & Well Dressed; The Vans Old Skool Raw Edge | Wellgosh

This picture shows the Vans Raw Edge

In 1977, heritage skate brand Vans released a shoe that was set to become one of the most popular trainers of all time; the Old Skool. This low-top skate shoe fused a canvas upper with durable suede overlays, a cushioned ankle cuff and the first iteration of the now-iconic ‘jazz-stripe’, originally designed by founder Paul Van Doren and is now synonymous with Vans. A chunky vulcanised rubber sole with a waffle-shape grip was an instant hit with skaters, with enough cushioning to absorb shock without interfering with tricks or riding.

The subculture of hardcore punk and punk rock in the USA in the late ‘80s through to the present day, alongside skate culture, helped to boost the Old Skool’s popularity, with bands like Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Bad Religion and many more sporting the shoes live in sweaty venues across the country. The Old Skool can now be seen on many different people, from dancers to barbers, kids and parents all the way to celebrities like Justin Bieber, A$AP Rocky, Tyler The Creator and many more A-listers. There’s also been a heap of collaborations with designers and artists, each giving their unique take on the Old Skool, from Marc Jacobs, Supreme, Golf Wang, JJJJound and The North Face to name but a few.

The ‘Raw Edge’ is a vintage-look pair of DIY-inspired kicks, echoing the Old Skool’s rich history in a Vintage White or Black colourway to choose from. A raw frayed edge to the top lip of the midsole gives the shoes an unfinished feel, with an all-textile upper and a breathable leather lining. A cushioned ankle cuff keeps things comfortable, while the classic chunky sole showcases a black rubberised Vans logo.

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