Straight Leg To Oversized, A Trouser Guide | Wellgosh

This week we’ve put together different styles and fits of trousers to find which best suits your aesthetic or to inspire you to try something new. From straight leg to oversized, and track pants to cargos, we’re sure there’s something for everyone here at Wellgosh.

Stussy Floral Dye Work Pant (Traditional Fit Carpenter-Style Trousers)

With the growing popularity of 90s and Y2K inspired outfits seen on the streets of the UK, it’s become clear that the fitted silhouettes of the mid-to-late 2010s are slowly losing popularity. Perhaps it’s the lockdown period that’s pushed people to put comfort first, and we’re totally here for it. These carpenter-style trousers (whether single or double knee) replicate the fit of workwear overalls, and have seen a huge boost in both the vintage reseller market and in some of your favourite brand’s latest collections, boasting not only a universal fit but a durable construction; with the unique feature of actually looking better the more they’re worn, thus promoting longevity and minimising textile waste. A retro trouser for a modern world.

Dickies 874 Trousers (Wide Cuffed Leg)

The 874 has been consistently popular since Dickies debuted the first pair in 1967, with its classic smart-casual versatility, its wide-leg silhouette typically cuffed at the end, and its unwavering contribution to subcultures from Punk, Hip-Hop, Skateboarding & more. 874s are a staple in any streetwear-conscious wardrobe, with the durability to last for years and a timeless look that never goes out of style. To shop these trousers, click HERE.

Snow Peak Stretch FR Pants Black (Straight-Stretch Leg)

The outdoor trouser has seamlessly found their way into modern streetwear thanks to the GORP-tinged techwear look that can be seen on the street or in the hills, with hiking and climbing seeing a re-birth in popularity post-covid. These flame-resistant pants from Japanese outdoor specialists Snow Peak feature a fit that is common with this style of trouser, with stretch technology allowing for a straight leg, and promoting manoeuvrability without risking snags that an oversized silhouette might present. A slightly tapered ankle provides coverage without enveloping the foot, perfect for showing off your favourite kicks or just to prevent the cuff from dragging on the floor. Shop these trousers by clicking HERE.

Needles Track Pant Sax Blue (Wide Pleated Leg)

These track pants from Needles take inspiration from the first waves of fashion-friendly tracksuits and dispel the prejudice that your favourite tracksuit can’t also be worn in a smarter setting (although you might still struggle to explain that to a bouncer on a night out). The wide-leg promotes comfort for an ultra-relaxed feel, whilst the central pleat keeps a traditional shape that makes these pants incredibly versatile, opening them up to an almost infinite combination of footwear from trainers to loafers, boots and everything in between. Check them out by clicking HERE.

in-stru(men-tal) No Side Seam Long Pants Green (Seamless Outer For Unique Silhouette)

The late 90s saw a ton of brands experimenting with seams as an attempt to breathe new life into jeans and trousers, with twisted seams, engineered denim and the fusing of different trousers styles (most regrettably that period where ‘jeggings’ were a thing), and through a lot of experimentation and some looks that just simply didn’t work, it’s great to see a brand successfully doing something new in this field. These long pants from shoe designer Mason Mihara Yasuhiro’s apparel brand, in-stru(men-tal), further push the narrative of Yasuhiro’s playful approach to modern clothing. These trousers boast a slightly dropped crotch, a comfortable thigh and a tapered leg mixing smart and casual effortlessly. Shop the unique trousers HERE.

The Carhartt WIP Medley Pant (Relaxed Fit)

Relaxed-fit trousers were originally created to provide more space to the thigh, leg and seat without straying too far from regular or straight-fit trousers. This is often confused with a loose fit, which is a more exaggerated form of this silhouette, created less so for practicality and more to make a style statement. This style of trouser is perhaps one of the most popular when it comes to streetwear, working with a ton of different looks and footwear, from chunky trainers such as Nike Airmax to streamlined canvas kicks such as Converse or Vans. Check them out by clicking the link HERE.

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