WACKO MARIA | Baracuta Collaboration

This Autumn, Wacko Maria team up with timeless UK heritage brand Baracuta to create three of the most decadent jackets we’ve ever laid our eyes on. It seems only natural that the Japanese streetwear brand, obsessed with all things music, film and art would collaborate with one of the most prolific menswear brands in modern westernised history, with a reimagining of Baracuta’s original G4 and, perhaps most famous jacket; the G9. 

The story of the G9 stretches as far back as 1937, when Manchester born brothers John and Isaac Miller wanted to create their own brand after many years of producing premium coats for high fashion heavyweights Burberry and Aquascutum. The company’s success led the brothers to joining a local golf club; a collection of Manchester’s social elite. Their time on the course inspired the brothers to design a water resistant golfing jacket that wouldn’t alter the wearer’s swing like the longline jackets of the time. In 1938, John Miller received the go ahead from Lord Lovat, 24th chieftain of the Fraser clan, to use their official tartan pattern for the lining of the jacket and thus, the G9 was born.

In 1950, the G9’s popularity grew overseas, with celebrities like Bing Crosby donning the jacket at their local golf club. The moment that changed everything for the Baracuta brand is when Elvis was seen wearing the G9 in the 1958 movie “King Creole”, leading “king of cool” Steve McQueen to also wear variations of the jacket in movies, photoshoots and more. The coat then gained it’s better-known nickname “The Harrington” after menswear retailer John Simons coined the phrase when a character of the same name was seen wearing the jacket on-screen for 60’s soap opera “Peyton Place”. Since then, this premium golf jacket has been worn by Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Joe Strummer, Eric Clapton, Damon Albarn, Liam Gallagher and even 007 himself, Daniel Craig. The jacket has also been adopted by various subcultures, including the Skinheads and Mods from the 60’s, and was a common sighting within the 70’s Punk movement. To this day, it can be seen worn on stage by a plethora of celebrities and artists, proof that the popularity of this coat shows no signs of slowing down.

The Wacko Maria collaboration at Wellgosh boasts a velvet-feel animal print G9 jacket, reshaped to be slightly roomier with a more unisex silhouette. The jacket also features a traditional tartan lining, with breathable COOLMAX technology and an elasticated waistband and cuffs for a superior fit. This decadent jacket can be worn with, well, pretty much anything and make a serious statement. 

The collab also features two timeless G4 jackets, in a versatile black or beige colourway. Both coats feature an embroidered chest design, with the black coat featuring a beautiful satin lining featuring a repeated print of intense, Japanese style tigers. The beige jacket has a unique skeletal snake design, and is definitely one for the detail fanatics. Both the G4 jackets feature an adjustable waist, a roomier, straight fit, button fastened sleeves and a funnel neck.

View the collection online at Wellgosh, and cop yourself some wearable art.

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