BON APETIT! | Reception x JBS

Life is all about the little things, having a cuppa with those closest to you, the warmth on your skin on a sunny day, hearing the birds chirp first thing in the morning, it’s the little things. Reception is a brand that celebrates the sheer joy of coming together with others, with the brand slogan proclaiming ‘It’s all about food and socialising’. 

Reception has developed a habit of creating collections that are inspired by places that allow folks to come together to make precious memories. It might be a bistro in Paris or a pub in Leicester, but this time it’s ‘Jazz, Blues & Soul’, which is a bar in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan. 

JBS, as it is commonly referred to by its patrons and fans alike, is quite simply put a one-of-a-kind establishment that is home to a seriously magnificent collection of over 10,000 jazz records of literal music to the ears. 

Quite literally an experience like no other, the establishment is run by Kobayashi-san, who runs the bar 7 days a week to serve tea and coffee in the day, and beers & spirits at night whilst curating an extraordinary listening experience that is organised meticulously in alphabetically organised sleeves that cover the walls. 

This dedication from Kobayashi aligns perfectly with that of Reception, and so it makes absolutely perfect sense for the two to collaborate and celebrate the little jazz bar in Shibuya. Reception is proud of their ability to locate iconic venues from around the globe, and are equally as proud to be able to shine the light on them too. What better way than to do so by immortalising the bar through clothing? That’s where we come in. 

We’re super excited to be able to get our hands on this collection, which has also been designed in collaboration with Tokyo-based artist Mayumi Yamase. It embodies the hands-on nature of vinyl culture through gently appliqued trousers, whilst JBS decorates soft pastel coloured tees, which is inspired by the colours of the bar. 

The lookbook shoot was coordinated by friends of the brand who are based in Tokyo, and they were tasked with heading over to the iconic brand to capture it and Kobayashi in all of their glory. He appears throughout the shoot, proudly donning the collection that celebrates his legendary little bar. The images beautifully set the tone of the venue, and perfectly echo the soft tones that we like to associate with jazz music. 

“It’s not a brand and you’re not a customer, we’re all guests and the table is long enough to welcome all of us.” Is a phrase that best sums up Reception.  So take a peek, enjoy yourself, and familiarise yourself with the latest collection from Reception that celebrates Jazz, Blues & Soul bar out of Shibuya, Tokyo, available at Wellgosh now. 

As always, Wellgosh Love!