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Yes yes yes, we’re back once again with another new brand alert here at Wellgosh. This season we’re delighted to announce the arrival of South Korean streetwear brand thisisneverthat. We’re in a period wherein the lines between luxury fashion and streetwear are blurred like never before, and there seems to have been an undeniable resurgence in clothing that focuses heavily on functionality, simplicity and heritage.

This is where thisisneverthat come into play. Founded in 2010 by a trio of friends, Cho Nadan, Park Inwook, and Choi Jonkyu, thisisneverthat was originally born out of the trios sheer obsession with fashion from a young age. Inwook Park describes TINT as “an independent organisation, not a brand”. He then explains that everything is pretty much produced in-house and that the holistic attitude of the brand is what has led them to become so successful. ‘From the designing collections, shooting the cookbooks, making the promotional material and soundtracks, we do it all.”

When it comes to the inspiration behind the brand, the trio explained in a recent interview that “Our generation has invented and cultivated a culture of our own.” And this of course plays a pivotal role in the direction that TINT finds itself heading in, as classic silhouettes are being reworked by the brand in a contemporary manner that has allowed them to flourish and work with the likes of Vans, Reebok and Puma.

It all started way back when. Thisisneverthat was in its infancy and slowly began to infiltrate the world of fashion through word of mouth, and social media. And slowly but surely, it worked. The streets of the streetwear hub that is Seoul began seeing more and more of thisisneverthat, and so interest began to pique the interest of aficionados from around the globe.

One of the elements of the genius of the creative trio is that they didn’t rush the process. They were happy letting the brand grow naturally, often happy seeing it worn by celebrities, artists and musicians in South Korea. That much so, back in 2016, a member of the K-Pop group BTS wore a TINT shirt in a music video for the single ‘Save ME’, and a number of blogs went into overdrive to identify what the brand was, that’s how much it resonated with the South Korean streetwear culture.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2018 and thisisneverthat officially presented their first runway show at Seoul Fashion Work, capturing the attention of streetwear enthusiasts, retailers and other designers from around the world. Some insiders inside the world of Korean fashion has compared thisisneverthat to Supreme because of its cult following in its native country, and we can certainly see the reasoning behind that.

The first collection from thisisneverthat is now available here at Wellgosh, and it’s a capsule that features a number of items for all of you outdoor enthusiasts, some gear for those rainy days at home, and everything in between.

We’re including a few of our favourites below, and as always if you’d like to know a little more, then click the image and it will allow you to learn about the composition, features and more about each individual piece.

Be sure to check out the best of the rest from thisisneverthat here too.

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