Sunglasses, they’re essential, aren’t they? For those brighter days when you can barely see properly, or those evenings when you’re relaxing with good people, they’re handy in pretty much any situation – arguably even when it’s not even sunny because they just look so good. 

Luckily, Brain Dead has recently just dropped off a delivery of their latest bunch from the Post-Modern Primitive Eye Protection collection, which features six pairs of seriously sick shades. 

On offer are 3 colours from the appropriately named Tani silhouette, which feature a stainless-steel core, acetate frame and etched metallic branding on the arms. Whilst the Staunton style also offers 3 stylish eye-catching colourways and utilises the same build quality. One of our favourites is definitely the Tortoise colourway, which you can peep below! 

After the initial collection released in Spring/Summer 2019, Brain Dead’s PMPEP range has grown both in stature and offerings, thanks to the quality craftsmanship that goes into making each pair, as they are all hand-made. The frames of Each pair are eco-friendly, bio-degradable and offer 100% UV protection from those pesky rays that the sun emits. Each pair comes with its own futuristic storage case, which comes with an integrated clip, mesh pocket and cleaning cloth. 

But don’t listen to us, head on over to the site now and take a look at all the great gear that Brain Dead has to offer. 

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