A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN | Norse Projects x Geoff McFetridge

Ah, Norse Projects, one of our favourite brands. It’s been a mainstay here at Wellgosh for years and years because they’re consistently delivering functional, great looking and such well-designed gear season after season. You could even say that we’ve developed a little bit of a love affair with Norse Projects, and that only went up another level when we learned of their latest collaboration with the artist Geoff McFetridge.

Geoff was born in 1971 in Calgary, Canada and learnt his trade at the Alberta College of Art, and then at the California Institute of the Arts. Now based out of Los Angeles, California, Geoff has cemented his status as one of the best with the likes of his work with the Beastie Boys magazine; Grand Royal, in which he was the art director. Alongside this, Geoff has stacked up a pretty impressive resume as he has worked with the likes of Nike, Pepsi, Stussy, Girl Skateboard and Patagonia in several different capacities. 

Geoff has also lent his artistic flair to other artists too, in particular in the music industry, having worked with names such as Plaid, Simian and The Whitest Boy Alive. In 2013, he also designed all of the interface graphics in Spike Jonze’s cinematic masterpiece Her (Would really recommend watching it if you haven’t, it’s very good, Jaoquin Pheonix, Scarlett Johansson etc etc).

Now, allow us to tell you a little about Geoff’s work. Geoff is an artist that illustrates and creates graphics often with fine lines and bold colours in order to add elements of repetition, simplicity and dimensions of perspective into his work. Geoff has frequently said that his work should feel like something, and not look like something. His work serves as a prompt for the audience to use his work almost like a mental puzzle, but that’s the beauty of it, there’s no right or wrong answer – it’s totally down to you, as the viewer, what his art means to you.

Geoff McFetridge has been described by the renowned Joshua Liner art gallery in New York as “Instinctively ignoring creative boundaries, and working across a broad scope from poetry to animation, graphics to 3D work, textile and wallpaper to paintings”.

It’s no surprise that as Geoff can produce such great work within so many different artistic environments, that he can take like a duck to water within the world of clothing, and that’s exactly what he’s done with the latest collection with Norse Projects.

This collection keeps things simple, it uses classic Norse silhouettes but reworks them in a way that they are so quintessentially Geoff McFetridge, with subtle embroidery and graphics adorning different styles, they remain simple but project an essence of meditation, simplicity and transcendence.

So, without further ado, feast your eyes on the Norse Projects x Geoff McFetridge SS21 capsule below. If something tickles your fancy, just give it a click and it will take you to that particular product so can take an in-depth look and read more about its composition, design and features. 

The Norse Projects x Geoff McFetridge SS21 collection below, which is available exclusively at Wellgosh Launches here.