TIGER STYLE | Admiral x Wellgosh

Last year, we warmly welcomed Admiral Sporting Goods Co. to our brand roster here at Wellgosh, and we’re now delighted to announce our latest collaboration, which has seen us team up with Admiral and illustrator Daren Newman to bring you two short-sleeved T-Shirts. 

You wonderful bunch know how much we love giving a good history lesson on some of our write-ups, so here’s a little history on Admiral for some context:

Admiral first came to be in this lovely little county called Leicestershire back in 1903, starting at the bottom (quite literally) as they started out producing premium underwear. The brand went from strength to strength over the years, and Admiral then went on to produce sportswear for the Royal Navy at the beginning of the First World War, it was here that Admiral got their name, how fitting. 

Our armed forces have an extensive history, and this is something that brings us on to our next point and that has also lead to the inspiration behind this collaboration. 

Back in 1804, The Royal Leicestershire Regiment of the British Army spent an 18-year spell in India, and it was because of the regiments exemplary conduct that they were awarded the ‘Royal Tiger’ badge, and thus received the nickname ‘The Tigers’. The tiger has since then become synonymous with Leicester, through the naming of the city’s championship winning rugby team and now a broader symbol associated with us good Leicester folk. 

It’s been a while since we’ve collaborated on any clothing, with the most recent effort coming with the lovely folks over at Universal Works a couple of years back, so we really wanted this one to be special. 

Daren hails from Altrincham up north, which is also where Admiral has recently relocated to too. With all of us seemingly sharing some of the same interests, this whole collaboration has been a bit of a no-brainer really. 

Daren has very kindly drawn up a great design that is inspired by shoulder patches from military uniforms. Daren and Admiral took a lot of inspiration from the ’40s and 50’s style of badges for this one, as the ‘Formation’ badges developed ‘Espirit de corps’ or morale amongst members of the military, as they were proud to don their own unique badges and stripes, and we are too. The badges were originally designed as a way to easily identify which regiment somebody would hail from, so we guess you could say this our modernised interpretation of that. 

The Admiral x Wellgosh collection, which has been illustrated by Daren Newman, releases 08/05/21. Sign up now via launches.wellgosh.com now.

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