A TALE OF THREE CITIES | adidas Originals

Adidas certainly have a knack for combining classic silhouettes with history and heritage, with the likes of the City Series in particular coming to mind. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of being able to get our hands on the likes of the Brussels, Blackburn, Munchen, and most recently the Wien from the City Series pack – the list is pretty extensive. Some of you may also remember the event we put on with Adidas to celebrate the launch of the Malmo back in 2019, good times. 

This season see’s a trifecta of Spanish heritage make its way to the heart of Leicester in the form of the Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. 

The Valencia first saw the light of day back in the 1980’s, as Adidas kicked off the City Series which saw collection of themed trainers receive different colourways in correlation with their destination. The Valencia was one of these, and was placed on a Jean inspired silhouette and donned with premium suede and leather, and coloured in the now classic mixture of ‘Collegiate Navy’ and ‘Halo Blue’. A terrace classic, Adidas released a retro of the Valencia back in 2017, but this version is as close to the original as it gets. 

With El Classico having just taken place last weekend, we thought it appropriate to keep these two together for yet another showdown, two of the biggest and best football teams on the planet, both inspired by one of the most timeless Adidas silhouettes – the 1970’s Trimm Trab. 

The Barcelona is adorned with traditional Catalonian colours, and they are just as fierce as the Catalonian pride throughout Barcelona and the surrounding Catalan regions. If you’ve never been to Barcelona but get the chance to go, please do – a lot of our staff have very fond memories of Barcelona and there’s a saying known as ‘Barcelona encanta’ which translates to Barcelona enchants, and we can say with confidence that it does. 

To prove this point furthermore, Barcelona FC was actually founded after Hans Max Gamper-Haessig, a footballing pioneer from Switzerland, who was on his way to Africa in the 1890’s to set up a sugar trading company, when he stopped off in Barcelona, and instantly fell in love with the city. He learnt to speak Catalan fluently, changed his name to that of a traditional Catalonian (Joan Gamper) and began to play football with fellow expats and locals, he then put an advert in Les Desportes stating his desires to start a new football club, the rest is history. 

The Madrid isn’t too dissimilar from the Barcelona in terms of build quality and aesthetic, as it too sits upon a classic Trimm Trab sole unit and upper.  This Madrid follows on from the 24-City strong roster on the City series, having previously received an all-brown colouring. The latest update dons the Madrid in White & Purple with gold Madrid lettering at the sides. 

Adidas and Madrid have always had a special connection, especially with Real Madrid FC as the two have been in tandem together since 1998, and have since gone on to compete across Spain, Europe and the world over – most notably reaching La Decima in 2013-2014, wherein Real Madrid won an unprecedented tenth Uefa Champions League. 

Adidas have such a seriously strong archive, which is so full of history and heritage, and the City Series is no doubt one of the most popular ranges in this weird and wonderful world of trainers that we’re all a part of. We certainly can’t wait to see what else they have lined up for us! 

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