NIKE AIR MAX 95 | Timeless

The Nike Air Max 95, the 110, whatever you want to call it, it’s instantly recognisable.  Originally developed to act as a mirror of the human body, with the midsole acting as the spine, the panels as the muscles and laces as the ribs, it’s become a testament to what trainers mean to us all. Because it was originally developed as a performance running shoe, it utilises an Air Max technology sole, and this is just one of the reasons that this silhouette has etched it’s name in to the hall of fame for trainer aficionados. 

To run it back a little bit, in the 1990’s Nike Basketball was dominating the trainer market, as the basketball silhouettes they were rolling out were starting to be favoured more than running silhouettes by the masses. It was at this time that then Nike ACG designer Sergio Lozano was brought in to take on the task of bringing about something new to bring attention back to the running models.

More often than not these days, you can trace a lot of Nike history back to Tinker Hatfield. If you aren’t familiar with Tinker, we would highly suggest getting up to speed if you can, as he really is pretty awe-inspiring. There’s actually a really good documentary on his design processes and work with Michael Jordan in a series called ‘Abstract’ on Netflix which looks in to the art of design, very good. 

Lozano remembers something Tinker always used to say, “That’s a great design, but what’s your story?”. It was here that Loazano cast his mind back to his interest in erosion of the earth, and how interesting it would be if the perfect product was unearthed by the rain. 

It was here he put two and two together and with deeper layers on his mind, the Air Max 95 was brought to light. 

We’ve had the pleasure of witnessing some of the great Air Max 95’s come through our doors such as the Greedy 95’s, Neon Black Tongue 95’s and more recently colour ways such as the Freddy Kruger 95’s and Evolution of Icons 95’s. 

The latest update on the Air Max 95 sees the upper don overlays consisting of leather, mesh and synthetic panelling that is decorated in blue, white, yellow and silver. It’s a classic Nike silhouette, in classic Nike styling, what more could you want? 

The love for 95’s will never go away, and we’re certainly looking forward to what the future holds for the iconic kick! 

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