Wellgosh warmly welcomes Powers Supply Co. to our formidable brand list. Powers Supply Co. is the brainchild of Eric Elms, an NY based artist probably most famous for his interpretation of the World War II meme ‘Killroy Was Here’.

Elms has worked with the likes of Supreme, Brain Dead and SSUR to name just a few. Not so long ago we carried his collaboration with CLOT Inc. which saw him place his version of Killroy above the CLOT logo with the character’s signature nose obscuring the CLOT Inc. branding.

Powers gets its name from the street in which Eric’s studio is situated on in New York, Powers Street. Good job the street name has a nice ring to it, there’s a place in north Leicestershire called Butthole Lane… we might have thought twice about buying in the brand if that was the name!

In an interview, Eric explained that Powers is a mirror of his creative process, and that it doesn’t necessarily always have a theme,

“Just like in the studio, not everything looks exactly the same, but I think it all comes together as a cohesive vibe.”

We think that whilst there isn’t a running theme throughout the collection, the continuity comes through great quality custom blanks (all made in the USA), executed in a tasteful colour pallet that lets the graphics and logo wear of an internationally renowned artist to the talking.

Powers Supply Co. arrives at Wellgosh courtesy of the same guys who look after Stussy, Brain Dead and Satta here in the UK. The same people who brought Norse Projects to the attention of the UK market and house Know Wave Radio in their London showroom. Some serious dons in the weird world of fashion we operate within. If one of NY’s favourite artists and one of London’s best distributors aren’t a big enough vouch for a new brand you might not of heard of, maybe some of the sweet sweet photos we took of the gear will wake you up and shove roses up your noses.

With this in mind, see below a detailed look at some of the pieces available at Wellgosh now.

Powers Supply Co. Wellgosh Love.