VAULT BY VANS | Wacko Maria

Vault by Vans join forces with Tokyo based brand, Wacko Maria to deliver a trio of delights. With a mutual love of music and collector culture and with both companies synonymous with subculture movements, this is a match made it metaphorical heaven.

Vans are the kings of the vulcanised pump. Adorned by surfers and skaters alike, they ooze Californian style and were adopted by the Z-Boys back in ’75 when they altered the trajectory of skateboarding (and Vans for that matter) when they entered the Del Mar National Skateboarding contest in a uniform of navy blue Vans Authentics.

Wacko Maria are relative new kids on the block in comparison. Established in Tokyo in 2005, they quickly gained recognition as a serious heavyweight in the Japanese streetwear scene. With a ‘no-f*cks-given’ approach to design, Wacko aren’t afraid to put a nose or two out of place with their vast collection of ready to wear clothing. Whilst there is no doubting the luxurious execution of their products, they have a weirdly punk-attitude that reinforces their anti-establishment brand ethos.

The Vault by Vans x Wacko Maria collection launches 20/03/21. You can sign up now via launches.wellgosh.com

Peep the drop below.

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