Music and fashion aren’t so very different beasts. Both are creative outlets for those involved in the making of. Both form the foundation blocks that help grow a subculture. Both are subjective… to a degree. Whether you like an album, or dislike a jacket, quality is quality, and there is no denying that.

We’re used to big names in the music scene turning their hand to the fashion industry. Kanye West may in the future be better known for his Yeezy lines than he is his musical output. Travis Scott is the hot name at Nike right now. A season doesn’t pass where we’re not told about the new musical asset that this or that company has signed to help endorse their brand. However, not so often is there a story so infallibly honest and true than that of G-Threadz

G-Threadz is the ongoing conversation around the dinner table, a conversation between husband and wife duo Cath and Colin McBean. Cath is a seamstress with more than 30 years experience under her belt, and Colin produces music under the name of Mr. G

Colin has been gigging globally for over 3 decades, more often than not with Cath by his side (couples who rave together, stay together!) However Tokyo is the place that has always drawn him back in, and it is the one place that Cath has never been able to visit with him. A city awash with all the things that float both of their boats; fashion, technology, history, food and music, Tokyo is a city like no other. You can find yourself on the set of Blade Runner, eating a Ramen ordered through a vending machine, where time becomes obsolete, then turn the corner and you’re in the back streets of a SIMs generated block of apartments looking in the window of Medicom’s head office drooling over the 1000% Kaws dissected on show in the foyer. 

As a keep sake from every trip, Mr. G would visit a plethora of traditional Japanese haberdasheries, buying up ends of lines of Japanese fabrics, featuring weird and wonderful prints to take home for what was Cath’s box, then draw, then wardrobe of materials. 

2020 was a strange one. A year that saw the live end of the music industry implode. It was also the year that saw couples who invariably spent a lot of there time apart, come together for longer periods of the day. Testing times for some, creative times for others. Cath and Colin spent the time pouring over their archive of materials with Cath’s mind working overtime. 

G Threadz was born. A tight collection of cut and sew apparel that encapsulates the coming together of two worlds; music and fashion, Japan and the UK, Cath and Colin. All Made In England from dead stock Japanese fabrics, with a quality and eye for detail we’d expect from the likes of Wacko Maria, G Threadz fills a gap we didn’t know needed filling. 

Centred around the humble short sleeve shirt and setting the fabric as the hero of the fable, G Threadz screams and shouts about the beauty of these prints. With subtle nods to the duo’s in depth knowledge and interest in fashion, its little things like tying unseen linings in the trousers back in with the shirting fabrics that show this is a true passion project. There are also nods to Mr. G’s love of trainers; with the high necked hoods appearing in the same colours as some of his favourite kicks. 

G Threadz launches exclusively here at Wellgosh. In normal times we’d have thrown a party to celebrate, luckily we know Cath and Colin have an arsenal of materials in their archive so follow up collections are inevitable and a chance to come eat, drink and shake a leg together in the future is still on the cards. For now you can listen back to a very special Shop Sounds Mix recorded for us by Mr. G in celebration of the G Threadz launch. 

Peep the collection highlights below…

G Threadz Akira Short Sleeve Shirt featuring Japanese Ribbon Print £275 

G Threadz Chiyo Worker Pant £200

G Threadz Daisuke Reversible Gillit £290

G Threadz Akira Short Sleeve Shirt featuring Japanese Faces Print £275

G Threadz Chiyo Worker Pant £200

G Threadz Bunko Hood £180

G Threadz Akira Short Sleeve Shirt featuring Japanese Nippon Print £275

G Threadz Bunko Hood £180

G Threadz Daisuke Reversible Gillit £290

G Threadz Akira Short Sleeve Shirt featuring Japanese Wave Print £275

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