FANCY PANTS | Universal Works

It’s been a bit of a weird year hasn’t it? None of us have been able to go about our normal lives like we usually would with the pandemic going on. Regardless of this, most of us are looking forward to a return to normality again, and we certainly can’t wait to make a bit of a song and dance about it and meet up with our nearest and dearest. 

Speaking of, Universal Works are some of our nearest and dearest in this industry, and they certainly know how to make some excellent clothing, they quite literally have something for everybody in their collections. In their latest capsule, they have provided some absolutely lovely pieces, and we’d like to show some of our favourites that we might well be donning when we either head back out for a quiet drink or put on a zoom quiz in the meantime. 

The Patched Mill Bakers Jacket, and the Patched Mill Fatigue Pant are a match made in heaven, or shall we say the battlefield. Both are constructed from premium cotton sourced from Osaka, Japan and can be mixed and matched to your hearts desire. Be sure to check the pair out over on the main site. 

This pairing of the MW Fatigue Jacket in Navy, and the Military Chino in Olive is a lovely, simple mix that features two great pieces in their own right. The Military Chino is a UW staple, and is an excellent daily trouser, but you could pretty easily dress it up if you wanted to thanks to it’s slightly tapered fit and durable cotton construction. The Fatigue Jacket isn’t too dissimilar, I personally think a Navy work jacket looks great with a white tee and some jeans, but this can also be paired with trousers of a similar colour for a smashing look! 

The Road Shirt In Fuji Summer Print is pretty much the perfect summer shirt, it’s cut from a lovely mix of cotton and rayon, and the Japanese artwork inspired graphic pretty much goes in hand in hand with one of those chilling summer evenings, better times are coming folks. 

Last but certainly not least, the Kyoto Work Jacket and Track Short in Paisley Weave are another perfect combination in this collection, it might be you’re knocking around having a lazy Sunday at home or you want to venture out in this eye-catching outfit, either way, you’ll probably be the comfiest person there regardless, what more could you need?

That’s all from us on this recommendation, be sure to check out the rest of the Universal Works clothing on offer here.