MAHARISHI | Year Of The Ox

The Ox is the second of all of the zodiac animals. It is said that the Jade Emperor said the order of the cycle would be decided by the order in which the animals arrived to his party. The Ox was set to be first until the Rat tricked him by asking for a ride, and just as they arrived, the Rat jumped down and got in before the Ox, hence the Ox becoming the second animal.

With Chinese New Year taking place on the 12th of February, Maharishi are celebrating this year of the Ox with a signature collection, consisting of some serious pieces that pay homage to the year that is said to bring prosperity and wellness for all, something I’m sure we all wouldn’t say no to after the last 12 months!

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This capsule from Maharishi sees some serious heat, with the likes of embroidered stadium jackets, track pants, utility shirts and graphic t-shirts. It explores the Yōkai lore of western Japan, in particular, the bovine-headed demon referred to as Ushi-Oshi. There are even some guest prints from the likes of Andy Warhol, Teach and Myoshka.

Allow us to walk you through some of our favourites that are available here at Wellgosh!

The collection draws inspiration from ‘Edo’ period artists such as Sawaki Sūshi, and his iteration of Ushi-Oshi, which depicted the creature with an Ox’s head on a spider-like body, with six legs and long individual claws.

A graphic of the creature is embroidered on to a Kimono Stadium Jacket, a perfect blend of East and West signature styles. The jacket is cut from a British heritage mill wool in Melton, who have manufactured wool jacket for the British Redcoats for decades.

The Ox Cheongsam Utility Shirt is full of finer details, including an embroidered patch based on the military outfit that inspired the infamous basketball team the Chicago Bulls logo.

The Ox Insignia Long Sleeve T-Shirt draws the same inspiration from the utility shirt, boasting classic branding and the military patch from the 34th Infantry Division. Here it is styled up with the Kimono Jacket, be sure to take a better look over on the main site! 

The Ushi-Oni Ox T-Shirt is another adaption of Sawaki’s interpretation of the creature, in monochrome styling on an organic cotton jersey.

This next one features a collaborative effort between Maharishi and London born graffiti artist Teach. The Teach x Maharishi Lunar Ox T-Shirt is an updated interpretation of some artwork you might already be familiar with…

The Teach x Maharishi Lunar Ox Crew is cut on heavy organic cotton and features graphics from teach and Maharishi branding on the reverse, perfect for getting up to no good.

Another collaboration in this capsule see’s Maharishi combines with another artist who operates under the name Myoshka, which is inspired by the word ‘Moksha’. Moksha is a term used in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, it references liberation and release which is brought to us by the cycle of death and rebirth.

The artwork on the Myoshka Lunar Ox T-Shirt features an Ox skull, which is locked in by a double-tetrahedron. According to sacred geometry, the shape in question represents the innermost law of the physical world as we know it – in the inseparable relation between the positive (active, male, electric) and the negative (passive, female, magnetic), which leads to perfect equilibrium.

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