It’s time, time to kick back, relax, flip your speakers on and tune in to the next episode of Shop Sounds. This session was brought to you by one of our own; the man, the myth, the legend… the guy with the most infectious smile in Leicester… the guy we know as JUJU.

JUJU aka Marvin the Martian aka OG WG SB is a long time friend and part of the OG Wellgosh Famillia. Back in the day he worked the shop floor with his best bud Nially-Cat like an absolute badman. This was during the hazy days when our boss at the time would make fleeting visits to London on a Thursday morning to pick up the latest threads from The Hideout & BAPE store, an era that shaped so many of our futures, including the man that made this mix.

After having his eyes opened wide by the treasure troves that would make their way back to the shop, JUJU set his sights on the big smoke where he embarked on his career as an all round creative. He’s danced, rapped & produced his way through office blocks and think tanks, working with the likes of Nikeadidas OriginalsVivienne WestwoodColors Studios and NTS Radio (to name a few).

This mix is jam packed full of beats that will blow your bass bins and make your tweeters pop. An intense and eclectic mix of beat driven tunes that span sub-genres of hip-hop, put together with a British twist that Drake would pay a buck or two to emulate. JUJU says his aim is to hail up UK talent as he shares with us a variety of up and coming black artists, local Leicester talent & his own tunes.

If you like what you hear and want to hear more, or if you need a full time cool guy to come add a little flair into your next marketing campaign hit up our man Juju at one of the addresses below: