CHOOSE | Alife

Alife win the race in delivering first in 2021! Although this is actually their AW20 collection, it seems the New York based brand are looking to address our wonky delivery windows, delivering gear designed for the winter months during the UK’s coldest period. 

Alife is one of those brands that opitimise early noughties streetwear. A time when graphic t-shirts were all the rage, a golden era when creatives from across the country would travel to London on a Thursday morning to queue up outside BAPE store to shop the latest drop. When The Hideout was still about & set the standard for UK retail. Alife were one of the brands that pushed the boundaries in this field & consolidated a culture, bringing together disciplines from across different creative fields including music, art and clothing. 

Treis Hill is the founder of Alife, & still very much the man in charge. Treis uses his voice and platform wisely, questioning the decisions made by some of the biggest brands out there and asking the questions that some are fearful to ask, on a quest that we support and applaud for a more diverse representation within company board rooms and design hubs that operate within our field of fashion. Via Alife’s work with Brooklyn Museum, Alife highlight cultural issues of systemic racism, teaming up with political artists such as Faith Ringgold to create great looking clothing with a message. Most recently, Alife were a pivotal voice in the run up to the last US election, enthusing a youthful demographic to execute their right to vote & make themselves heard.

So when you’re buying into Alife, you can do so with the knowledge that you are supporting a movement, & you’re looking great doing it!

Below are some of our best bits from the latest Alife drop