Maharishi is a stalwart figure in Wellgosh’s brand mix, a longstanding member of the Wellgosh Familia, one that has stayed true to its aesthetic; when others followed trends, Maharishi stuck to their vision & created their own.

I can remember first starting as a Saturday boy many moons ago & being blown away by a pair of Futura Pointman MHI Snow Pants way before Virgil Abloh shone the light on one of graffiti’s finest. It was a proper eye opener to how the lines are blurred between fashion & art, how execution is as important as artwork. That when done right, clothing can be art in its own right.

Autumn / Winter 2020 is no different. Maharishi continue to push the boundaries of their vision through a strong line of military inspired garments that promote love not war.

Carrying on their tradition of up-cycling surplus gear, a stand out piece from Maharishi’s Autumn / Winter collection is the Maharishi Grizzly Jacket. The thick pile fleece body of this classic Coach Jacket silhouette has been produced using a recycled polyester, whilst the raglan sleeve are from repurposed ex-military materials giving an unmistakable Maharishi vibe. The Maharisahi Grizzly Jacket also comes in classic Maha Olive.

A seasonal highlight is the Liberty Dragon Mil Shirt. This a playful take on a World War 2 military shirt, when officers used to secretly adorn the cuffs of their service shirts with emblems that reminded them of home. In true Maha style, they have hand embroidered colourful dragons on both cuffs with a similarly colourful ‘Maharishi’ embroidered sign off on the left breast as a nod to the positioning of military servicemen name tags.

It wouldn’t be a Maharishi collection without a bit of camo thrown in for good measure. This season sees Maharishi take inspiration from the Republic Of Korea  ‘Academy’ camouflage and the monotone uniforms worn by conscripted teenagers of South Korea with their Mamushi DPM BDU Overshirt. Stay hidden in the concrete jungle!

Mixing styles from the East & the West, Maharishi Autumn / Winter 2020 sees the introduction of a beautifully crafted fishtail kimono. Who would have thought vintage US military styling would work so well on a style so far removed from the former?! Executed in Maha’s very own mil spec cellulose fabric with flight nylon overlays, this is a serious piece that will only get better with age. The Maharishi Fishtail Kimono sits at a pretty £325 & is worth every penny of it!

Check out of full collection of Maharishi Autumn / Winter 2020 here. Wellgosh Love