LOCKDOWN | Loungewear

As the UK’s second round of lockdown measures take hold, we’re again caught upgrading our zoom accounts & reaching for our cosiest outfits to conduct business in without compromising on style. We thought it apt to shine a light on Carhartt WIP’s Chase collection; a jersey story that we buy into every season that comprises of hoodies, sweatshirts, jersey shorts & tracksuit bottoms in a mixed bag of colours. 

Autumn/Winter 2020 sees Carhartt WIP introduce Dark Teal, Cold Viola & Winter Sun as seasonal colour pops & as always we have a good inventory in their classic Black/Gold option. 

Carhartt WIP’s Chase story is cut on a slightly oversized block, giving added comfort & a classic 90s aesthetic. All pieces are executed using a heavyweight brush-backed cotton fleece for added warmth & coziness & are adorned with a gold embroidered Carhartt WIP logo that ties together all colours & styles as one cohesive tracksuit story. So if you don’t fancy an all out black-suit, throw a bit of Winter Sun on your chest to shine a light on your happy self! 

Check out all the Carhartt WIP Chase options here. Or peep our full range of Carhartt WIP here instead. 

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