We’ve been big fans of People Just Do Nothing since the pilot first aired back in 2012(ish), (we were extremely glad when the world didn’t end as we expected before they were able to produce the first series). So imagine our excitement when we saw Kurupt FM’s very own Mix Master Mike, the one, the only, DJ Beats aka Hugo Bossman’s name pop up on a few orders for some hard-to-find trainers we stocked a few years back. Well we did what any self respecting fanboy or fangirl would do and offered a little discount in exchange for some tickets to one of Kurupt FM’s live shows over in Nottingham. Since then the relationship has blossomed like a sprouting broccoli, and we are buzzing to share with you an eclectic mix recorded for Wellgosh that will keep the guys & girls in our dispatch team moving at the pace of a 3am dance floor whilst they work through your orders during the UK’s lockdown part 2. Have a listen, it bangs! If you’ve not done so already, go back & check out People Just Do Nothing over on the internets, you’re in for a treat!