A NOD | To Bob

Gore-Tex is a membrane that breaths & repels water like no other, one that not only revolutionised technical outerwear, allowing us to go further, deeper, to more extreme environments with a level of comfort & protection our predecessors would be jealous of, but also influencing more obscure areas of industry, reaching the Outer Hebrides being applied to the inner workings of the Scottish bagpipe. 

Last week saw the passing of founder & inventor Bob Gore, a man who’s name may not resonate with many of us right away, but who’s defining invention has probably played a part in your walk in the park or weekend away wild camping without perhaps realising it. 

We thought it apt to highlight some of the current pieces we have in stock that can be attributed to the main man himself. 

Nanamica Wool Gore-Tex Jacket £560

Nike ACG Gore-Tex Jacket WAS £325 NOW £195.95

Adidas IRAK zx8000 £160

Norse Projects Fyn Down 2.0 Jacket £855

Clarks Originals Wallabee Boot GTX £170

Patagonia Gore-Tex Shell Jacket

Rest In Power Bob, thanks for keeping the weather off our backs for many years & many more to come! Wellgosh Love