SO FRESH | So Clean

2020 has been a mad one. We’ve seen the lines between home & office blurring at an accelerated rate. This is great for that life-work balance so many of us are seeking out, but with more time spent sat around our dining room tables (or would-be office desks), if you’re not careful, it can be hard to differentiate between work-time & play-time. We have a simple but effective solution; when it’s time to clock off for the day, reach for your favourite room fragrance & switch up the scent to help relax the mind, body & soul. Below are some of our favourite scents to keep your home-office fresh & clean.

Wacko Maria team up with incence supremos Kuumba to create their own special blend of Paradise Incence which they burn in their Shibuya flagship store in Tokyo. At £22 these aren’t the cheapest sticks out there, but with an hour burn time expected from each stick, they represent pretty good value for money. We don’t burn them every day, but they make our weekends smell great! 

If you’re more of a car-office kind of character then maybe the Wacko Maria x Kuumba Paper Fragrance Freshener is the one for you. Using the same scent as their Paradise incence sticks, this Paper Freshener looks & smells lovely in your whip… if you don’t drive a car, we recommend hanging it from the peak of your cap so your whole day smells fresh.

Cremate is a new one for us. Hand dipped in London, where founder Junior resides, both scents carry notes of citrus that change the vibe in your room in a matter of minutes. These are our go-to incence of choice in the shop right now. Really can’t recommend them enough!

If incence isn’t your thing (we do from time to time have people questionaing the fragrant smoke in the air), then Satta have you covered. Satta do produce a range of their own incence, but we found a huge appitite for their Room Mist which comes in two different scents; Groundation & Revive. The former is slightly heavier & has notes of Palo Santo, Cedarwood & Sage, & the latter is slightly lighter & carries hints of Cedarwood, Rosemary & Peppermint. Both smell great, without creating clouds of smoke in your house. 

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