SASQUATCHFABRIX | A very Japanese journey

Sasquatchfabrix is the jam to our butter, the the theatre to our pantomime, the avandtguarde techno to our sing-along-house music. They produce a range of unique clothing that wouldn’t look amiss in a cabinet of curiosities & mix ergonomical design features with tradtional Japanese techniques creating a brand identity like no other. 

Our current collection includes a range of matching short/shirt combos that stand out from the crowed.

A staff favourite is the Norihagashi twin-set; this bad boy is a play on a traditional short sleeve shirt, switching the classic open collar with a kimono style finish for a relaxed aesthetic. Doubled up with a spacious pair of shorts with angular pleat details on the front & traditional origami flap pocket closures, the Norihagashi set boasts more than its fair share of design detail. Arguably the most impressive feature of this brilliant combo is the dye process that offers such a rich marbling effect. We were assured in our meeting with Sato (a man with the most infectious laugh in the industry) that this technique has been mastered over centuries by Japanese pastel-dye-artisans. It is not dissimilar to marble dying we’re more used to, however, to get such depth in texture & colour without ending up in a total mess is a skill in itself, it results in each & every garment having a unique finish.  

Next up is a twin-set that sits a little closer to home. The Masu shorts & shirt is an easier wear than the Norihagashi, executed in 100% Rayon & cut to a more traditional western pattern. This time the kimono style shirt option is replaced by a more familiar open collared version, & the oversized shorts are replaced with a shorter elasticated waist option. The all over print is inspired by the Japanese term ‘kanea’,  meaning ‘balance & equilibrium’ & has been executed in black & white. A sure fire winner in the world of the two piece! 

If layers are what you’re into, then the Oriental Shoulder Nylon Jacket is a piece for you. It’s a unique, layered silhouette with accentuated shoulders built in a combination of tough ripstop & breathable mesh and features a loose back panel detail that meets at its central front placket & connects with elasticated bands at each side. A snapped closure, elasticated cuffs, welt front pockets and a draw-cord hem complete the piece with sports-inspired functionality.

This season’s Ventilation Shirt is the physical carnation of the seasonal theme of balance & equilibrium, mixing cotton & nylon poplins on paneling designed to keep the wearer cool & comfortable whilst still looking fresh to death.